Saturday, November 13, 2010

Out with the old - in with the new.....

Like my Mom, I'm not one to discard things just because there is a new model somewhere. Having BigD for a husband adds to that because there are very few "things' he can't fix. When he gives up, you KNOW it's done, broke, dead. We live in a throw-away society - as soon as a new model of phone, TV, computer, camera or car comes on the market - we "have to have it". The reality of that is that by the time I can afford the new model, it has become the old model. As you already know, the first brand spanking new stove I ever owned is the one we have now - all the others were provided where we lived, we bought second hand or someone handed one down to us. The very first washer and dryers were the same - second hand until we bought the ones we have had for over 20 years now. Well BigD has finally decided it's time to give up, let ours retire and get new ones. At this point, it takes about 45 minutes or longer for rinse water to trickle into the machine. I don't know who hates shopping more - BigD or me. It turns out Bentley "loves" to research everything he purchases to the nth degree so I asked for his help. He called me back and gave me the model number of one he felt would be good. We aren't interested in a lot of bells and whistles - just quality, good rating and good price. We also wanted whoever brings them and installs them to take our old ones away. Well he came through with the information and I proceeded to order a Washer, Dryer and two pedestals which drove him crazy because the pedestals cost $299 each and he thought that was too expensive. He mentioned me having a stool on wheels where I could sit on and move back and forth. LOL Love that man but that just ain't gonna happen. :-)They are bringing them next Thursday and I can't tell you how excited I am. Ever since the new front loading machines with pedestals have come out I have been coveting them. They are energy efficient, blah, blah, blah but mostly you could get them on pedestals. I have always hated having to almost climb into dryers to get clothes out and the thought of just reaching in appeals to me on so many levels I can't even begin to explain. The pedestals are also used for storage so no more laundry detergent, stain remover, and dryer sheets stacked on top of the machines. Whoo Hoo!Well that worked out great but guess what? Bentley really is the researcher; bargain shopper; cheapskate, tightwad -oops - that just slipped out and those last two were HIS words - not mine. No - he called this morning to tell me it drove him crazy thinking we could have gotten a better deal. In his defense, he didn't realize I was going to purchase a dryer too so he decided to do a little more "research". His motto is "everything is negotiable" and I'm telling you he is a man after my Daddy's own heart because he had the same motto. Well - we called it something else back then but you get the picture. The pedestals were driving him crazy so guess what - he got them for $99 each instead of $299 each. He also found where the dryer was also on sale and long story short - they ultimately deducted $428.98 from my order!!!!! Whose the man!!!?? He was calling to get my credit card information so they could deduct it from the order - I was blown away. I called BigD and told him and we agreed we might be able to get a new refrigerator sooner than we anticipated. We need one really bad but we'll see. I did tell Bentley the kind I want which is expensive but since these appliances will probably be the last ones we purchase, we want good ones to last awhile. BigD told me to tell Bentley he has moved his phone number in his cell phone from "new" Bentley to "good" Bentley! Little private joke there. In the spirit of this being World Kindness Day - thank you Bentley for your kindnesses. Love you - 2lbs.


  1. sounds like he's a man after my own heart! I'm a huge believer in "find the best possible price". Yay for Bentley!


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