Tuesday, November 23, 2010

anticipation, jealousy, despair.....

First I got a telephone picture from Darrel while I was at the assembly on Saturday telling me "life is a beach" and how beautiful it is down there, then I get telephone pictures from Leah all day today this one saying how beautiful the day is and how much fun Boy and Page are having. And then the next one I got latertelling me how much Biscuit is enjoying the beach today and then the last one of Jessie saying how cold the water is. I got this one while I was getting a much needed pedicure. Got home and realized I'm getting sick - I mean - really, really, sick. BigD said he feels like he is coming down with something too. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! He started coughing during the night and feels like he is getting sick. My head hurts, now my face hurts - even my jaw and I feel like I'm getting sick too. I called Sher at Urgent Care and she said there is a virus going around - to drink tons of liquid, take Tylenol or Advil and make myself a nice hot "toddy". I fixed some hot tea with lemon, honey and a shot of rum; ate a bowl of canned chicken and rice and took 3 Advil with a glass of water. Hmmm - still feel horrible and haven't even packed the first thing or cleaned up my room and the office. Those two things were on my agenda for this afternoon after running other errands this morning. Kurt is a little over half way here and still suffering somewhat with the stomach virus he has and Page is running late getting to the coast because she didn't sleep well and according to Leah forgot something and had to turn around and go back for it and is just taking her time with multiple breaks to keep herself awake so YEAH - I'll be making myself stay awake until I KNOW Kurt and Page are where they need to be. Maybe I should let Bentley know to call us if he hears from Page and that way she can climb right into bed. Was checking friends on FB and saw this old picture of me! It caught me off guard!Bro. Jerry M. - what wonderful memories of our time with him and his lovely wife. They were preparing a meal for us in their little apartment under the KH. This was no later that 1995 - and I'm thinking around that time.When they had served us the first time, she sent word by Mae that she wanted to meet me on a more personal level because she had heard so much about me. I know - it is scary isn't it? But we developed a great friendship and always planned personal adventures whenever she was in our area. The last time we spoke they were serving in GA but I just found out they are back in our State and not too far away so hoping to catch up with them soon. I am going to make myself get up and at least pull some things together to pack tomorrow - man - HATE we are both feeling so bad. Maybe we will both feel much better tomorrow.

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  1. Aw I miss them! They were my favorite CO couple! Hope you are feeling better.


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