Saturday, January 8, 2011

2nd Saturday of 2011....

All in all - it has been a great week. I have come to truly love our new CO and his lovely wife. I was hoping to meet with the entire cong today but didn't get to sleep until around 5:30am so stayed in to study for the meeting tomorrow and to get ready for the pioneer meeting at one. By the time I arrived, the snow was coming down strong and the wind was blowing like crazy. The snow had a very strange texture - almost like cold cotton. The pioneer meeting was so encouraging to all of us. The CO stressed to us about how they were aware of what we go through and to not get disheartened and just "stay on the list". Gail said we appreciate that and I repeated that but got a little misty so had to shut up before I started blubbering. Gail has been such a wonderful example all these years and has helped me love the ministry more as the years have gone by. We sisters know how fortunate we are to have 3 brothers - 2 elders and one MS - regular pioneering with us. It has balanced our mid-week work out so well and it helps the body of elders understand what we are going through on a personal level. We didn't have any auxiliary pioneers this month so it was just the 9 of us and a sister from another congregation who missed hers. That worked out because she took our picture with the CO - it isn't the best of all of us but at least we have a record of us all together at our first pioneer meeting with him. I remember Gail telling me in the past that every year she used to wonder who would be available to work with her the next year and someone was always provided. How encouraging it is that we all have each other. I hope and pray each one of us will have a great year. Eileen sent me a message this morning letting me know she would be in the hospital with her Aunt (her Mom's sister) who isn't doing well.I snatched this picture of Ruth and her two granddaughter off FB earlier this week. She still has her Mom down with her and everything seems to be going okay. Hope things work out for all of them. Eileen and I started a BS with an old classmate this week. We'll see how it goes.I'll also share a picture Lauren sent me via telephone of her view out of the airplane she is on going to South Africa. I hope she and her friends have the best times of their lives and make wonderful memories. Of all the young women I know right this minute she is right beside another one who both deserve to have some good memories after going through a really rough patch.So tomorrow will be our last day with our CO and wife. He will give the PT first, then we will have an abbreviated WT study that is designed for young ones and then he will give a final talk and that will be it for another 6 months. A week that so far makes you say ahhhh.

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