Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A picture that is a little clearer....

Ruth sent me a copy of one of the pictures taken with her camera which is much clearer than the ones taken with mine. I hope I'm not going to be disappointed my new little camera but so far, I'm not impressed.She also sent me a picture of her five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren with in-laws added. I was so happy to get it even though she sent it by mistake. In my defense - I had just gotten out of the shower with wet hair when Rose and Wayne showed up an hour early and never got around to doing anything to my hair (let it dry on it's own)or put on any make-up. Yeah - that's the reason I look so bad. My story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. much better shot! your hair looks fine. Who is who in this picture?

  2. Back Row - Rose's hubby and me - Front row left to right - youngest - Sondra, next is my Sister-Sister Rose (who is now the oldest)and one closest in age to me - Ruth.

  3. I'm next to the baby - 5 years older than Sondra


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