Thursday, January 6, 2011

There be hawks in dem there trees.....

We were standing in the parking lot at the Hall this past Tuesday I think, when we noticed these two beautiful Red Shouldered Hawks were "stalking" some prey. We never saw what they were diving for but did notice how beautiful they were. It took me awhile to find out what kind they are but this is the closest I could find to how they look. Notice the bare branches - it is still Winter here! The weather has been pretty mild this week and we have been very busy. We are so happy to have our new CO and his lovely wife with us for the first time. So far - I love them both. He gave one of the best talks tonight I've ever heard. The CO's wife worked with us yesterday and we did rural territory. I can always find something to take a picture of like the little house with the Keep Out sign. We all just howled when I backed up to get a better look at it. This was on a long dirt driveway with about 4 houses on it. One had a No Trespassing sign, one had a big dog that pretty much made it impossible to get to the one beside it and the other one wasn't home or was HBH (home but hiding). It turns out our CO's wife was raised in Northern Mississippi so I truly enjoyed having a Southern Woman with us who understands our unique sense of humor. She agreed. I'm looking forward to getting to know them better. I know Eileen enjoyed being with us too. When we stopped to get the picture of the little house, I noticed the lichen on these branches and couldn't pass up getting a picture. Another blogger I follow has gotten me hooked on "noticing" these delicate little plants.
Lichen is a kind of primitive plant species that's nothing more than strands of alga linked with roots and branches of a fungus that together absorb minerals from the ground and conduct photosynthesis. Lichen can grow almost anywhere, from moist bark to recently cooled lava to frozen rocksI love how delicate this looks and yet they get their life from what they are attached to so they are quite hardy. I should be so hardy - I was totally exhausted yesterday when I got home. I couldn't make myself get up before 8:30 so I decided to have Eileen's study over the phone and meet the group at 1pm and 3pm. The CO's wife went on some calls with me, Rie and her boys. It was nice to be together again. We have another long day tomorrow and Saturday morning then our special pioneer meeting with the CO on Saturday afternoon; his two talks on Sunday and the week will be over. I am already feeling a little sad the week is almost over but am very happy to be back in the saddle again so to speak.

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