Saturday, January 29, 2011

5th Saturday of 1st Month of 2011....

Leah sent me this picture of Page with her new hot pink sheets to match the new ladybug duvet on her comforter. So sweet looking. Kurt had a very rough week at work last week and it has been on all our minds ever since. I got real sleepy early last night and surprise, surprise - was in bed asleep by 10pm. That's the good news - the bad news is I woke at 2am and could NOT go back to sleep. Tried reading, just meditating and finally got up to watch a little TV and do some computer work. I got sleepy around 8am and dozed off and slept "fitfully" until 10am. HATE having a night like that - makes you feel yucky the rest of the day. I have had my first cup of coffee and been snuggled by Miya. Oops - woke her up - she can be very demanding at times - ergo - "Princess"! I'm afraid that is what I have made her or maybe just allowed her to become but I do love her. Since I like independent women, how can I be mad at my beautiful Miya for being independent? I finished one of the little books I had bought awhile back for Page when she gets older. I'm glad I read the first one before I just handed them over to her. To be honest, I think she needs to be much older before I would feel comfortable with them. Nothing "bad" but the kids have way too much freedom in these books and make some decisions that result in hurt feelings for others. The first story ended pretty well but will read the others before I decide.
I stopped writing for awhile - not sure what is going on. At first I thought it was just because I had a rough night but am beginning to think it is something else - maybe a stomach virus? Oh well. Roseanne called and we are going to try really hard to have our Family Study together from now on. BigD and I had a nice long chat with Page1 last night - she can make me laugh so hard when she gets to really talking about some things. Our congregation is having a talent show tonight at the Mill but I'm not up to going. I'm supposed to make a recipe of meatballs so I called Martha to see what sauce she was going to use so mine will be like hers. She is so sweet - she was on her way to pick up a disposable pan to cook hers in and brought me one too. I need to call Luz to see if she can take my meatballs to the gathering - if not, I'm going to have to get them over to Kimmies by 5:30 so she can take them early. My biggest disappointment is missing Gerl who is coming. Color me sad. We are watching one of my favorite movies with two of my favorite actors in it. Wow - this movie came out in 1973 - right after Page was born at the end of 1972 - so I was only 25 years old and I still cry when I hear that song. I think one of the reasons it has always touched me is the movie started around the time my oldest sister was born and then moved forward to around the time I was born and growing up. I love the clothes and of course no one can sing a song like Barbra but I hate the bitter ending. I'm always drawn to stories and movies that tell us more about our history. Moving on - this is one of the favorite things I ever purchased from Cedar Creek Gallery. Hand Blown Glass Irises and stems inside a piece of pottery I had purchased earlier with Irises on the front. I used sand and put blue marbles in the top and loved having it in my window where the light would make it shine. So what happened? Yep - Princess Miya Chula Yum-Yum at her worst. After she knocked it over this time and most of the petals broke off - I moved what was left somewhere she can't get to. That part of the window sill is all hers now. I saved some of the glass petals and may try to repair some of them if possible. Nice project for a rainy day. Will look on-line to see what would work best. BAD KITTIE!


  1. So sorry about your irises :( If you decide to do nothing with the broken pieces, can I have them? I save all broken glass, plates, cups, pottery, etc, etc to use in my mosaics. I Love the way we were! I first saw it a year or 2 ago, love it, but sad.

  2. I really want to save them if I can - just need to buy the right kind of glue I guess. If it doesn't work - you can definitely have them. I also have a lovely dragonfly cup that the ear was broken on that I'm saving - maybe you could use that? Can't bear to toss it.

  3. I'll take anything you're willing to part with and find a good use for it, thanks :D


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