Tuesday, January 25, 2011

nothing much...

Really don't have "nothing much" to say right now but had an urge to write something. Leah text messaged me to let us know Page is feeling a little better today. She came down with the stomach thing that has been going around yesterday and threw up in the hallway at school. Poor baby - I know that was so embarrassing for her. Leah let her sleep really late today and it seemed to help. Seems the two Pages are alike in more ways than one.....they both "need" their sleep. Got a message from Page1 yesterday saying Bentley had his first interview for insurance and wanted some phone numbers of people we know who have done it for years for him to chat with to get pointers. Funny thing is - this is one of the guys on his wedding day. He saw my number on his phone and called me this morning to say he would be more than happy to help Page's friend. Such a sweet guy - they live over 3 hours away now and we seldom see them but think of them fondly when remembering good times. Hope it helps - so proud of him for attempting to make such a big change in his life. The process will serve him well no matter the outcome. BigD and I had Italian Pizzeria Pizza tonight - it was yummy as usual. The wine made it even better. I bought some of GG's favorite - ran into her at Food Lion a few days ago and told her it was on sale so we both bought
some. Glad I did! Had two good days in service and this morning with two of my favorite people. We worked out in the country and even though it was gray, gray, gray -
we found things to laugh about. I always enjoy seeing the guineas when we go out there. I also finally "ran into" someone from my past I've been hoping to see again. It is always nice to run into someone you knew who impacted you as a young girl who is doing well. The beautiful woman who lived across the road from us when I was growing up always took an interest in me and her daughter-in-law who was very, very pregnant with twins did too. I knew she lived on this particular road but she had remarried and today I finally got to see her after all these many years. Luz went with me on Shen's study this afternoon and it went very well - my most earnest prayer is that Shen will make the right decision and make her life better every day for it. I have come to love her very much but as always - we have free will and make our own way. Eileen sent me a text also letting me know they were home from EI safe and sound but that her dear hubby was very, very sick with SHINGLES! It made me realize I need to call Stu and get him to re-write my prescription for a shot for that because I waited too long and it had expired - procrastination - my middle name. I dropped by Jeri's house this afternoon and had a very, very nice visit with her and two of her boys and her wonderful grandson. Got home and had another email from my "new" neighbor - we are getting caught up (via emails) after not really communicating for many, many years. Always fun to catch up with old friends. My hope for him is that he will have wonderful years ahead of him -he has earned them. So goodnight dear ones who follow my blog. May tomorrow bring you sunshine and if not that - happiness in ways you can not imagine. May "all" (and you know who you are) my children be healthy and strong to face whatever may come their way. May we all make good decisions that will come back to us in a positive way. May we all imitate the Grand Creator in showing LOVE to one another above all else. LOVING YOU WITH ALL MY HEART.


  1. Love you too!
    Glad to hear Page 2 is feeling a bit better today! Hopefully the 2 adults in the house will not get it.

  2. As one of your children, I just wanted to say "I love you, too"!


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