Wednesday, January 26, 2011


What a day! Got up late to a very cloudy, dreary, wet day; packed up my computer and printer and grabbed a cup of coffee to take with me. Ami and her two little ones were already at the KH with Rie for our morning of service together. We started out with a few phone calls and decided to just suck it up and make a few calls. Little T fell asleep so we were doing pretty good. Not long after T woke up, we decided to take a potty break at Rie's house. By the time we got there it was time for T to eat again and everyone needed to "go". Rie gave Poppy two boxes that held games that her boys had outgrown and she was so thrilled that she insisted on carrying them to the car herself. SO off we go out the door with Poppy leading the way carrying the boxes that were almost as big as she was with me holding on to her as she counted each step. Right about the time we were all off the porch it started HAILING and RAINING at the same time.What a shock - it took us all a few seconds as we were running toward the car to realize exactly what it was - they weren't big but it was really coming down. Rie picked up Poppy who was still holding tight to the boxes, Ami was holding tight to T and we were trying to get in the car. Rie couldn't get the door opened at first so I was yelling - Open the Door right about the time I flipped the hood to my coat over my head and it was FULL of little hail pellets and rain! Whew - we were finally in the car and everyone one of us looked like drowned rats! We all started laughing because everyone's hair was plastered to their heads and we were chilled to the bone. Poor little Poppy wasn't quite sure what was going on and poor Ami didn't even have a coat on. No one can say we don't experience adventures while in we are in service! So we headed back to the KH and sat in the car to visit with Ami while she fed T some baby food and promised her it would be better the next time she came to work with us. I hung my coat in the KH to dry a little and visited with two friends from RTP while Rie ate her bowl of soup. We all split up and I was with Rie again for her three studies. By now, we were drained. It turned out the first study couldn't have her study so we made a call and headed to the second one which went very well even though I had to borrow reading glasses from the householder. Then we went to the third and it was chaos and frustration because her fiancee had just gotten laid off so we just tried to encourage and give a listening ear with sympathy. By the time we pulled back into the KH parking lot, I think we were both done, done, done but still felt good we had gotten as much done as we did.When I got home, I got a text message and picture from Leah showing Page throwing a snowball! Wow - they have gotten quite a bit of snow today and the best news is Page was feeling so much better and could play in it. I hate when she is sick - even if it only lasts a day or two. I also got a text message from Eileen saying not only is her dear hubby suffering horribly from shingles but she has the three D's - D-fever, D-puking and d-diarrhea! Poor guys - hope they both feel better soon too. Then I got a phone call later tonight from Ruth who was feeling real blue. I hate she is 10 hours away from me - it makes me feel so helpless when she is hurting so bad. I hope she realizes she can call me anytime - day or night.


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