Friday, January 28, 2011

4th Friday of January 2011.....

Let's see - Friday- and a recap of another week. Nothing special to say just to stay caught up better than I have been. Had a great week service -wise and was so hoping I would be able to drag my old body out of bed for another day and I DID! After meeting with the group we went way out in the country - nice to be in driving territory for the morning because it was still gray, wet and cold. Had everyone I enjoy in my car group so it was a good morning.This long country road has a "driveway" that has tons of mailboxes at the main road so we headed to the end to work our way back and of course the last house we worked had the little surprise I was looking for - YARD ART!The second picture shows how tall the tree was that it was hung in. The "main house" at the beginning of this long dirt driveway had evidently burned recently but you get the "feeling" that this was once the main house and the beautiful homes further back are owned by children and grandchildren of the owners. The ground is still very wet from all the rain so I was careful to not go into some of the significant puddles that looked like they could swallow my old Ava. (name for my 1996 Avalon that has over 205,500 miles on her). After taking some friends back to the KH, Ami and I went on my new BS and it went very well. After eating lunch, we went back to the KH to meet so Ami could get with Luz who had a study. I broke away and ran some errands at Costco - nice to not be rushed for a change. This time I bought some gorgeous flowers at Costco and believe me - they are much nicer than the ones I got at FL last week. As a rule their flowers last a long time and I have very seldom been disappointed. I also picked up some Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake - I know - BAD GIRL! After filling my little wine tote bag with 6 bottles of Cupcake Chardonnay (at a very good price) I was so ready to go. BigD had already bought some wonderful sirloin steaks so I was ready to be home with him. I saw a gorgeous black and white dress that might have fit Page2 but decided to wait until I talked with Leah. She is finally growing (taller if not wider) and I don't want to buy the wrong size. We finally decided on steaks, BigD's great fries - double fried - and wine - what could be better? Of course I had to have some cheesecake - I know - what is wrong with me? I have absolutely no control when it comes to cheesecake - or any other sweets for that matter. Starting to feel sleepy so will sign off for now.

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