Saturday, January 15, 2011

39 years.......

Love this picture taken last April when Page2 was visiting with Page1. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I have a daughter who is 39 years old TODAY! When I called her I reminded her of how much I loved my late 30's through my 50's since she said she was feeling "old". :-) It has only been since I've hit the 60's that things have started falling apart - namely - ME! I can still close my eyes and feel her little body sleeping on mine and smell that wonderful baby smell of hers as I rocked her in the rocking chair my Dad used to snooze in. I also can remember her coming into our room on Saturday or Sunday mornings and me slipping over and holding the covers up for her to climb in beside me to snuggle even after she got older. Or waking up and finding her on one side of me and Kurt in between me and BigD. It never bothered me - I loved it. If it had been up to me, they could have slept with me every night. There were times when she could be a little rough to sleep with. Waking up with legs laying across your face or her getting hot and lifting her little legs up to push the covers off. She did that a couple of times to my Mama when she would spend the night with her. We both agreed it was unreal how strong her little legs were - you almost had to push her off the bed to get her legs off those covers. I think she is still like that - at least she is when she comes home. She gets real hot in the middle of the night and man - she starts coming out of clothes, turning on the AC - hate to imagine what menopause is going to be like for her. But that is a long way off so we won't think about that right now. It doesn't matter what her age is because she will always be my baby-girl.

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  1. my baby girl turned 34 on Sunday. I find that hard to believe.


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