Friday, January 21, 2011

dinner with new and old friends....

I had a delicious dinner tonight with some new and old friends. I've only met Ami a few times but have chatted on FB with her several times. She has a very sweet hubby (got to talk to him a little more tonight) and two beautiful baby girls. I have enjoyed looking at the pictures she has on FB and her hubby is becoming a really good photographer.This is her smallest little one - always has a big smile on her sweet little face. She seems to have a very laid back personality so far from what I've seen but I know Ami has her hands full with a 3 year old and one under 9 months.This is her oldest and what a sweetie she is. I'm sure their Dad has already realized he is going to have two beautiful teenagers pretty soon. I snatched this picture of Ami's hubby from FB. I'm still trying to get used to my new camera. I loved the camera Roseanne gave me but it was a little heavy for my bad arm and the shutter would get stuck. It was so easy to use but I'm sure Kurt is enjoying it. It was good being with Roseanne and her hubby again. Seems like it has been forever since we have been with each other. Ami made a delicious vegetarian lasagna that rocked!I've had vegetarian lasagna before but can honestly say this was the best I've ever eaten. I honestly don't think even BigD could have told the difference. I took the salad and some of BigD's homemade bleu cheese dressing. It was so yummy. Ami also had some cheesecake to top off the lovely dinner. It was nice getting to know them a little better - hope I wasn't too rough on her sweet hubby. I forget that sometimes I can be a little much but hey - to know me is to love me - eventually.:-) I spoke with Rosemary on the way home and we agree it is about time I had her and some of these young Mom's over for a nice evening of wine, food and relaxation. I need to pick a Friday night and just do it. I can't wait to hear that Lauren's plane has landed and that she has returned from South Africa Sunday. I'm very excited about her trip and can't wait to see her pictures and hear all about her adventures but she's been too far away for too long. Hope it was everything she wanted it to be and more. I also can't wait to see her new apartment.

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