Friday, January 21, 2011

This and that.....

Eileen sent me pictures of their new fireplace in their precious house at the beach. Color me happy for them. They are thrilled at how well it works in keeping their little home nice and warm. It is a smaller version of a gas fireplace that would work very well in my little cottage too I think. I believe it is only 3 feet tall.They now have their new TV mounted on the wall above the fireplace. She was telling me today the TV is a little higher than she thought they would put it but they are pleased with it. Can't wait to see it. They are slowing moving ahead with their plans to eventually live full time at EI. Now you can color me jealous..... in a good way. I really am happy for them.Leah sent me a picture of the new duvet she bought to cover the comforter in Page's room. I do so love lady bugs and from the pretty smile on Page's face, I think she might also. I love that beautiful face to the moon and back.I had to snatch this picture from FB of Dee's earrings! She finds the most unique earrings in the world - and since I LOVE cats I LOVE these earrings. Hard to believe my Dee is 51 now - but she looks mahvelous dahlink - that's what comes from not having kids plus the good genes she got from both her parents. Had a nice long chat with Page who sent me Bentley's resume to look over. I worked on it awhile tonight after I got home - hope he is okay with the changes I made on it.

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