Saturday, January 22, 2011

things that make us smile....

Do we ever stop and think about the little things that make us smile? Most of the time we take those times for granted - at least I know at times I do. Tiny, brief spurts of not laughter but sweet smiles that last and last even after the moment has passed. I just had one of those moments.It started with a phone call from my beautiful spiritual Mom. She is also Rose's spiritual Mom and we both love her to the moon and back. The last time we spoke, I wasn't smiling when I hung up as she didn't sound very good. Tonight was a totally different story. She stopped taking a medication the doctor put her on and feels much better. She sounds just like she did 44 plus years ago when she first entered my life to stay. So many things have happened since this picture was taken of me, Cat and Rose almost 7 years ago but the one constant is that smile on her face when she is able to do what she loves best and that is the ministry. She has two excellent BS's right now and is on top of the world! She lives to teach others and is very good at it. She was also wanting to know how BigD and I are doing, how Rose is doing, how Jeri is doing, how Page is doing, how Kurt is doing, how Mae is doing - you get the idea - she always wants to know how others are doing. One of the most selfless women I have ever known and I love her. You can tell her anything you are feeling or thinking with complete confidence that not only will she not judge you, she will love and respect you - including keeping your confidence. Years of being an Elder/CO's wife probably helped in that area. The funny thing is I had just looked at her granddaughter's lovely blog. She is an interior designer and so talented - I love when she puts something new on her blog.BigD decided we were going to try a new place tonight - a place his friend has talked about for awhile. We were not disappointed - the food was excellent and he even picked me up a bottle of "nice" wine to go with it. He also bought GG something and took it to her. She stopped by for a little while earlier. We are both trying to remember to call her on a more regular basis - we know she gets lonely. I have been following a blog called walkingman2011 and snatched a picture from FB of his completing his walk across the USA.He started his walk in Southern California and ended it in Emerald Isle today. This shows just how much snow they had gotten by this afternoon. His blog is very interesting and even more so since he lives one town away from Kurt and Leah. I got my shower before BigD got back with the food, had my wine so now will study my WT for tomorrow and hopefully get to bed a little earlier than last night (3:30am). Sweet smiles everyone.

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