Monday, May 2, 2011

Art in one of its purest forms....

Just have to share some artwork given to me by two of my favorite little people.  These pictures do not show just how talented both of them are.  The are both in the lower grades of elementary school and can draw anything they look at.
This one belongs to JoJo. She had a cute little notebook she was taking notes in at the meeting. She was also drawing a picture of a Zebra from memory and I was amazed at the detail of her drawing.
I commented on how cute the little notebook was - it had a picture of a Lion on the front. She wrote me this note along with a picture of the Lion on the front of the notebook. Read the note very carefully and you will be able to understand exactly what she was saying.
This is a picture Rie's youngest son drew me. He is also an exceptional artist.
The thing I loved about this one the most was how he calls me by my last name. We have so many wonderful children in our midst and I enjoy watching them interact every chance I get. 

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