Friday, May 13, 2011

Catch up.....

Been a little strange for service this week.  Not only did I miss Wednesday but Roseanne and I didn't go out Thursday.  Today was a good day - still didn't go in service but got some things done I've been hoping to get done for long time. Rie's dear hubby came over this morning and got busy on my yard and carted away two truckloads of "stuff".  BigD started out with him by doing a few things but thank goodness he got a call and had to go do a job.  When he got back, he said something that gives me hope he will be more open to this in the future.  It is very hard for him to let someone do something for him - even if we are paying them. Bry will never know how much I appreciate all his hard work today. He is such a sweetheart as is his entire family.
This is a picture of Bry after he made a "ski mask" out of an old pillowcase and put his goggles on for while he was weed eating in the back yard (it was a jungle back there). I had told him I had some poison oak and poison ivy I wanted to get rid of but I don't think he realized how much that would be. I had purchased some Round Up about a year ago but he had a pump that he could pour it in. I rode with him to the County Dump with the first load. Since he didn't have a sticker on his truck, he was hoping my "winning" personality would get us in. He was almost upset about how easy it was for us to get in because evidently he had tried to bring something before and they wouldn't let him. I had brought my wallet with my ID in case we had a problem but I leaned across Bry and told the guy that my hubby had the truck with the sticker we got on it and could we dump my stuff anyway and he just waved us on. I'm sorry - it's funny. After he loaded up a second full load of "stuff", he insisted that he is coming back Sunday afternoon with his lawnmower. He thinks he can make the back look a lot better. See - such a sweetie.
I may have mentioned me and Gail having lunch with our dear friends recently but didn't share the picture. Love these two women. Their Dad has been a very good friend to me for many years - he was there for me during my kids growing up years and was always available to about any fears I might have. He and IT kind of adopted me while I was working because they knew how much I wanted to be at home. They both helped me until enough years passed for me to realize I was getting something I had been craving for so long - peace. Rose came over for a bit for me to scan and print her a copy of the May KM. For some reason they didn't get one. Still not sure if I'm going to Sbury to meet Kurt, Leah and Page at their CA and have lunch with them. Waiting to hear if Roseanne can get away. Just had a really nice thunderstorm. Great way to end a lovely day....

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  1. Isn't it such a great feeling to have some things cleaned up and hauled out? And to have a yard improved is a glorious feeling. We could use some help here too :)


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