Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nine days ----

Nine days since my last entry - where to begin.  I have had some typical adventures for Moi.  Had some bites on my arm - no I don't know what bit me and it really doesn't matter because evidently everything LOVES me and my body HATES everything that bites me and the circle continues around and around.  So I tried to get in to see my Dermatologist before the assembly this past weekend and no go there so I went to Urgent Care of Durham and they are so wonderful. I went in on either Tuesday or Wednesday because it got bad and some new bites showed up. Met with a lovely doctor and we had a great time "bonding". She gave me some cream for my arm, some antibiotic cream for my sty (my first sty ever) and sent me on my way.  Well on Thursday the 5th, Rosanne and I went in service in the morning with Eileen. Eileen had to go home so Roseanne and I had lunch at a new place for both of us which was great and caught a movie.  I wore a shirt that had 3/4 length sleeves that hugged my arm and when I got home, I could not believe my arm.  I almost went to the ER but after looking at the directions on the cream (yeah - I'm a ding dong) it said to NOT cover the bites with the medication on it. So I decided to take some Advil for the inflammation and go back to Urgent Care the next day.  So on Friday I met another of their doctors and we bonded also - do you see a pattern developing here - :-).  He told me to keep using the cream but he prescribed some antibiotics just in case infection occurred.  So - I hate antibiotics but felt like he was right so for the most part - I have remembered to take all 4 pills each day - for the most part.  And yes - if you are wondering - I do have the beloved yeast infection that comes with those lovely little miracle pills.  He said if the bites looked good after 5 days on the antibiotics, I could stop but guess what?  Yep - three new bites during the night.  I had the feeling something had gotten me while I was sleeping but I have been sleeping in the back room in a different bed all week while washing all the bedding for my bed.  The only other place I can think of is the chair I sit in.  I have been putting a lap blanket across the arm I put my arm on but still have bites in the same place.  I have used the flea comb on Miya several times and can't find any fleas on her and usually fleas get me on my legs and ankles.  HELP.  Guess I'll be taking all the antibiotics after all.  Fun, fun.  The assembly was wonderful.  Even though there was a last minute change in who rode with me, it worked out okay for everyone.  My sister Rose and her husband were supposed to ride with me, Eileen and Luz.  Thank goodness the car is big enough for five passengers.  It turned out that Wayne wasn't feeling well but Rose got to both days so that was good.  Eileen and I were talking about how Rose and Wayne were so good to us when we were young and especially me when Page was just a baby.  By the time Page was three and a half and Kurt was a baby, it was the three of us until they were both grown and moved out.  I remember when Kurt was a very small baby and we were going to a two day assembly far enough away we had to stay in a hotel.  We were low on funds so I took an ice chest filled with milk, boiled eggs, sandwich fixings, etc and cereal.  The hotel room had a coffee maker in it and I would fix us breakfast, eat lunch at the assembly (that is back when we had full meals) and then we would have a sandwich for dinner.  I pulled my Camaro up to the front of the hotel on Friday night, picked up Kurt and had Page hold onto my skirt while we went in to register.  After that, I pulled one of the luggage racks out to the car, put Kurt and Page back into the car while I loaded up the luggage and ice chest.  Then I got them back out of the car and while I held Kurt and Page held onto to me - I pushed the cart back into the lobby up to the desk and asked them to watch it.  Then it was back to the car so we could park it - then back to get the luggage and on the elevator and boy did those bed look good!  But I was young and Page was such a good little girl.  She always did what I asked her to do.  She just knew to always hold on to me tight and trusted that I would take her the right way. :-)  Of course we were tired of eating out of that ice chest by Sunday morning when we had to repeat the Friday night ritual.  Believe it or not, that is a good memory to me - our little family working together.  I was blessed with great children and even though I know I brag too much - it's true.  I have always been and always will be proud of them. The Circuit Pioneer School was held at our KH on Friday before our assembly and was wonderful.  The whole weekend was refreshing and just what I needed.  I know this isn't that exciting because it doesn't have pictures but since I use this forum for my on-line journal as much as anything else, I decided I wouldn't put any pictures here for this particular entry except for an older picture that is already on here somewhere - it makes me smile......
Yep, BigD, Page and Page at one of our favorite places from several years ago. Can't wait until we get back down there. There is a good chance I'll be in EI the first of next month - maybe alone and maybe with someone. Dear Eileen has offered me her lovely home for a week and the first part of the week BigD will be at coast somewhere else. So I may just go alone with Princess Miya....we'll see said the blind man.

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  1. What in the world could the bites be from??? Very strange. I hope they go away soon and you don't get more. Have fun at the beach! I'm only a little jealous :)


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