Friday, May 27, 2011

Rain - lovely, cool rain....

As some of you know, it has been unseasonably HOT these last few days. Just a few minutes ago we had a downpour - I'm so glad I had my back door open - I felt the air cool down a good 10+ degrees.
I checked on my four new plants and thought to myself - "Ha - now you are watered for the day"! One of the reasons I shouldn't be allowed to own plants - I forget to water them! Gail and Luz decided I needed at least a few flowers on my deck so after service the other day we went to Lowes and they picked a few perennials for me. They picked those so they would come back. When we got home, Luz insisted on putting them in the pots herself so she would know I had them. Yesterday I had a VM from her reminding me to water them last night because it was so hot yesterday. Yep - they are on a mission! The problem is this - I LOVE flowers and plants - I just don't love gardening. Just another example of why I should have been born rich instead of beautiful - to be able to afford the gardener, housekeeper, etc, etc., etc.. When Gail told me I could have a shrub in a pot - it has inspired me to find the right large containers for two shrubs I want - Peony and Hydrangea - I love both of them.  I'm going to look until I find something I really, really like - something like an old wash tub (would put wheels under it so it can be moved).
Anyway - I'm just happy the rain cooled things off but I still hope to get the car cleaned before we leave for Kurt's tomorrow. I think we are going out to eat on Saturday - our treat - so it can be a nice relaxing time for all. Oh - just in case you are wondering Leah - we only put one plant in each pot so they will spread and so they will be more likely to come back next year. We'll see... we'll see.

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  1. Lets hope it rains every day, all summer, so that those poor flowers can have a chance ;)


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