Thursday, May 26, 2011

Physical and lunch with old friend.....

Went for my physical yesterday and was pleased for the most part.  Their scales weighed me much less than the WW scales (and mine).  My doctor said, "Our scales are calibrated - and - which one do you want to believe?".  We both laughed.  He was very pleased to note that I'm back on WW and trying to get my life back under some semblance of control. I told him how my going down to visit Page for two weeks helped me a lot. Especially the last week when I felt myself finally coming out of the tailspin depression I have been fighting for so long.  Some of my numbers were a little higher than he wanted but he feels strongly they will come down rapidly over the next few months if I stick to my healthy eating.  It is always good to get caught up with him and his staff too.  After that, I met Gerl for lunch at NC BBQ.  As we were walking in, the man who walked in right in front of me turned and said - "Jane?".  I looked at him real hard and knew he had to be from high school days and realized it was James W..  The reason I knew so fast is LS had just emailed all of us to let us know his Dad had died so I knew he was in town for that.  We hugged and talked real fast.  I have his email and we are going to get caught up with that once he goes back to Alabama.  He looked great and we laughed about how it seemed like just yesterday he let us borrow his car for me to go with Deb to get her driving license.  Memories...... Of course Gerl said disgustedly - "nothing has changed and you still know everyone we run into". :)  It was soooooo good
being with Gerl if only for a little while.  She looks so good.  She told me all about what her everyday life is like and how her Mom is working her to the bone! :)  I guess that accounts for her weight loss!  We got caught up and then went for a ride in my new car.  It turns out she doesn't read my blog so she didn't know about it.  We drove out to Rougemont and I let her drive it back.  She agreed that it handles real well and she loved the look of it but we both still miss the total comfort and smooth ride of  my dear old Ava.  I hope her new owner loves her as much as we did. I still feel bad that I didn't think about Kurt and Leah - we could have given Ava to them.  BigD said it probably was for the best because she is expensive to work on and needs a few things done.  I just feel like she would have been good for them though.  Oh well.

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  1. Did you tell Gerl that she NEEDS read your blog? Then she would know about all the details of your daily life. I guess not everyone enjoys reading about everyone else's "day to day" as much as I do :) A scale that weighs lighter is always a nice pleasure :) Good job on losing some weight and hopefully the other numbers will fall soon as well.


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