Sunday, May 1, 2011

Special Talk and Congregation Gathering......

We had a full house for our Special Talk today and Ira did a wonderful job on his delivery. Woods pulled everyone together for a congregation gathering out at Rolling View. We had enough food to feed an army and an abundance of helping hands getting everyone taken care of.
Rie, Lin and I were in charge of receiving the food, making sure what needed to be heated was heated and refrigerated was refrigerated. There was too much food for the table so we had it lined up behind the servers and by the time the serving was going full force, some of us had to stand between the servers and the galley behind them to serve everything we had available.
Finally, our wonderful COBE put himself right in the middle and "coordinated" what needed to be put out and when.  We wanted everyone to have their food they had prepared offered. In the first picture of everyone being served you can see Ruby in her cute hat.  She is cancer free!  We are all happy.
She showed me a picture of her beautiful new grandson who was born Friday in California. I told her I would share it with my kids - they grew up with her children. He is a cutie isn't he? This gives her two grandsons and one step-grandson. I was so hoping this one would be a girl for her. She is happy he is healthy and I'm sure she will be seeing him sooner than later.
Some people were enjoying the lovely weather outside, either near the facility we rented or down on the little beach putting their feet in the water.
Ira played some really good music throughout our getting everything ready and the meal and then after sitting down and drinking a really big, icy coke, I joined a group that was line dancing. It was fun.
James and his oldest helped me get some of the desserts I brought home to the car. I ate some turkey breast in a salad but couldn't even finish that. It reminded me of when I used to work the kitchen for big parties and weddings - by the time I was finished handling all the food, I didn't want any of it.
Our very talented Jamie was doing some face-painting when I left. She is so smart and I wish I had a tiny bit of her boundless energy. She is such a generous young woman - I'm proud to call her friend. So I picked BigD up something and we split the desserts. Page should be at the coast with her pals by now. It has been a great week and today was a nice ending to it. We are now in MAY! When did that happen?

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