Friday, May 27, 2011

One of the many results of bad eyesight......

I've known I have bad eyesight for quite awhile but didn't realize just how bad it had gotten until a few moments ago. I use drugstore glasses for everyday reading, bi-focal sunglasses for driving and different bi-focal glasses for computer use.  I just can not adjust to trifocals which is the reason for the different kinds of glasses. Our
doctor told me as long as I use the drugstore reading glasses, there is no need to have my vision checked more than once every two years. We really take things like our hearing and eyesight for granted when we are younger - just like we take our nice firm, non-mottled skin for granted.  I believe I have mentioned how Eileen's Mom always told us to notice our skin every so often - especially after we have children or turn 30 because it would change after that.  From time to time as we would be riding somewhere together, I would notice my reflection in the rear view mirror on the side of the car and would look at my skin - especially the area of my neck.  Oh yeah - she knew exactly what she was talking about.  Now I have brown (and other color) spots all over my arms and legs (too much sun) and a few places that I can only call "crusty".  There are also wrinkles - not only at the base of my neck but also on my chest area where my "cleavage" starts.  So back to one of the many results of bad eyesight. I jumped up from the computer to run (yes - I do have to run these days) with my glasses on to the rest room and while I was washing my hands - I noticed that the sink was really NOT up to par in the being totally clean department. Oh MY!! Now I will have to start
wearing my glasses when I clean the sinks!!! Oh man!!! I wonder how many people have noticed my - "not so clean" sinks?  In the event they did notice and told me about it - don't worry - I didn't even hear them. As bad as my eyesight has become, my hearing is much, much worse.  I'm was thinking about taking a vitamin someone told me about that will help with the very loud tinnitus I endure every day - all day and night.  I asked my doctor about it yesterday and he said he didn't know if it would work or not and that it is up to me.  We both agreed that I need to think about it because there are so many "things" my body just does not like - things that are harmless to most people but for whatever reason, may not be harmless to me.  Ahh - to be unique!

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  1. Hahahahahaha! That's so funny to me! I guess you do need to keep those glasses on while doing chores ;)


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