Saturday, May 21, 2011


I have been quite productive (for me) this week. I haven't been as busy physically today but have still been productive. I have quite a bit more paperwork, research, and organizing calendar types of things to do but it has been a good day. BigD got home earlier from the coast and had a wonderful trip. Great weather, good food, on the water and fishing, - what more can you ask for? I am now keeping three - yes - three calendars. One in my phone, one on my computer and the other in my lovely bird book Page bought me from Geninne's site as mentioned in a previous entry. The problem is -which calendar has everything? Hmmm - I think my phone is probably the best place since I have it with me all the time but I still try to keep the other two up to date also. I was organizing a few things in the kitchen yesterday and ran across my sweet measuring spoons I purchased at Anthropolgie in Atlanta a few years ago. I thought to myself - "why am I keeping these little lovelies in a drawer - I need to hang them beside the kitchen window so I can see them".
ALAS - it is not to be! The chain broke!!!  Color me sad but not surprised. I'm such a KLUTZ! And before you ask Katarina - I have put the broken ones in a Ziploc bag for you to use if you want them! I am keeping the two small ones that survived but safely in the drawer. :( Took a long break to eat some delicious grilled chicken breast and a huge salad and then watched the movie Unstoppable with Denzel Washington.  I may have to downsize my cable and will sure miss being able to watch a good movie anytime I want to.  Actually it was very good - suspenseful but not over the top, no bad language, no sex, no nudity which only proves it can still be done.
Been meaning to put this picture up of Page's view from her vacation in Florida a few weeks ago. I think I could put up with that view anytime. She had a wonderful time and felt like she finally attained a relaxed state. Sometimes it takes a few days into a vacation to really feel like you are on vacation - especially when you have a high pressure job.
These are the bruises on my wrist where my book bag pressed against my watch. It is funny because I went without wearing a watch since I broke my arm a few years ago but have really missed it these last two weeks.
Love these flowers I took at GG's house a few weeks ago. One of mine and my Mom's favorite flower. Looking forward to a busy day tomorrow - meeting and then a few calls with Bobbi. Can't wait.

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