Monday, May 16, 2011


Have collected sundry pictures which I will post off and on in days ahead including this Impala Rie and I took pictures of with our phones while out in service in the country today.
This picture doesn't do it justice and even though I knew it was from the 60's, BigD knew the exact year when I showed it to him. He is sleeping now so can't ask him but how does he do that?
This picture of our sweet Page sent to us via text message from her Dad. I wonder how many pictures we all have of her sleeping between us?
This picture I "snatched" from one of my favorite magazines of days gone by. Every one of these clothes were made by the Mom in the picture out of sugar sacks. Their picture was used as an advertisement of the quality of fabric used for their sugar. It made me remember the shorts and dresses Mama made us out of the fabric our chicken feed came in. I think she made dish cloths out of the sacks flour came in. Great day in service today. Luz had me over for a wonderful Spanish lunch of chicken, rice, black beans and strawberries with whipped cream. Yum. Ruth rode up with me to drop my car off to have the headlight replaced. It holds moisture all the time. Turns out my car is still under the original warranty which covers this - boy - that felt good. Got another new Impala to drive tomorrow and boy - it's nice but no where near as nice as my car. Ta-ta


  1. cool car :)
    The clothes make me wish I could sew
    I wish flour and sugar still came in usable fabric.

  2. love the car. I love old cars so much character


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