Sunday, May 22, 2011

Color me over the moon......

Okay - anyone who knows me is aware of how excited I can get over doing something I really, really love. Thankfully - there is a long list of those things and I am so happy to say that today - my cup was definitely running over!!!!! First - a friend called to say there was a ticket available for me to go see Midsummer Night's Dream by the Carolina Ballet in Raleigh today if I wanted!!! Of course I said YES right away. I used to subscribe to the American Dance Festival and enjoyed taking my kids from time to time and have really missed it. I love theatre on all levels and very seldom have a chance to go so yes - I was excited. We all rode together which gave us a chance to get caught up. Since I drove, Dawn bought me a drink - one of my favorite drinks actually. Vodka and tonic with lots of lime. I haven't had one in a long time and it was as refreshing as I remember them to be.
At first I was a little confused and then a light-bulb went off - there was a short program before the main event - I kept trying to figure out how they were interpreting the story line. Yep - I'm losing it.
During the intermission, Dawn and I moved down to where Mich and Karen were sitting. The two people who were sitting there came in and said they didn't mind taking our seats so we could all sit together. As I was talking to them, I said to the woman - "you look a lot like Margaret Maron" and she said, "I am". I said "you mean other people have told you that?" and she said - "no - I AM Margaret Maron". I was so excited - I stood up and shook her hand while telling her how she is one of my favorite authors of all time and how much I love her books. No - really - I was acting like a silly teenager at her first Elvis concert.
I used my little phone to take this picture of her with her husband. I even turned to him and said, "and you are her husband who is an artist and you used to live in NY and why can't I find any of the Sigrid Harald books you wrote while you were in NY" all at the same time. Yeah - I was over the moon. I don't get to read often which in the past was probably good because I would get so into the book, I would stay up half the night and had a hard time putting one down. I like to think I'm more mature now :) so I went to the library and checked out three of her books about a week ago. I am re-reading the last one I read to get caught up for the next two.
Karen was excited for me because I have talked to her about Margaret's books... Yeah - I'm calling her Margaret now. I told Karen to be sure and start with The Bootlegger's Daughter - it is the first in her Deborah Knott series. "Margaret" invited me to look at her website which is set up like a blog so I have added it my blog list. If she has a local book signing, I will know it and am determined I will be there for it.
We decided to get something to eat and finally decided on a place I have never been - P.F Changs.  Everything I tried was delicious (except the all but raw salmon one of us got).  Each of us ordered different things and then shared with each other.  On top of that, on the way home I got a text message from Page saying they should be getting home around 9pm tonight and their trip was wonderful.  Now for a very busy week - blood work for physical Tuesday morning, physical Thursday morning and then one of my favorite people in the world is meeting me for lunch and then coming home to visit so we can get caught up. I was hoping to squeeze an overnight stay with Kurt, Leah and Page2 in before school gets out but I'm not sure when that will be.  I just know I love when my day ends with me smiling..........


  1. glad you enjoyed it. I was sorry to have to give it up.

  2. I know but what a gift it turned out to be - I got to meet Margaret!!!!!

  3. I'm so glad you got to go! I wanted to go soooo badly!...but I'm glad I went to NY instead :) How awesome is it that you got to meet one of your favorite authors!!! I haven't read any of her books, but I'll have to check one out at the library. Such a cool day! and I looove PF changs.


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