Monday, July 2, 2012


"Olio - a: miscellaneous mixture; hodgepodge; b: a miscellaneous collection." And you might ask yourself, "where did she pull this word from?". The answer would be crossword puzzles! Rather than talk about the hot weather again...
I decided to let a picture tell the tale so to speak. I do believe this picture says it all.
My niece posted a picture she took from our recent family reunion so I snatched it. This is a really clear picture of Aunt Eunice - and her family. They were the only ones there with my Mom's maiden name and the name of our reunion. Aunt Eunice is 84 and recently had some pretty aggressive surgery and yet - here she is after being in rehab for a long time. I know her family are so happy to have her with them still.  She is the last one of our family of that particular generation.
I love, love, love this picture of my nephew and his beautiful family from their vacation on the Outer Banks. I didn't realize her sister and their close friends went with them so I know they all had a wonderful time. Can't wait to see them in a few weeks. My sister tells a really corny joke about memory but it ain't funny when your memory starts failing you.
My dear friend's daughter put this really old picture up of her Mom and Dad on FB so I snatched it.  Evidently it was "painted" - according to their daughter.  They just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary yesterday and I was so glad I was reminded of it. I have very seldom forgotten since we worked together for so many years. I went from seeing her at work every day to hardly seeing her at all. Thank goodness for FB and conventions.
Another picture I "snatched" from a friend on FB. I love the idea of putting pretty edible flowers and plant's in ice cubes for summer drinks. Looks pretty doesn't it? I wonder if Jennifer has tried this. If not, maybe we could try it one day. A dear friend is up North visiting her family. I have become her Mom's friend on FB and mentioned that maybe next year I could hitch a ride with her
so I can meet up with her Mom. I think we met years ago but really don't remember for sure. I love her new shorter hair cut. Of course Sherry is gorgeous no matter what she is doing.
So I will end with a picture Patsy sent me this week from the coast. She said it is as long as her finger and twice as big. She put out a lid with water in it and watched it drink. Yeah - Patsy - you don't need any more pets! You liked it's eyes and they freaked me out. So that is it for the first Monday of the seventh month of 2012 and as Walter Cronkite would say at the end of his show - "And that's the way it is".

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