Thursday, May 31, 2012

Appointments coming out the wazoooo...AND

My appointments have become totally ridiculous. The good thing about the appointments at Duke is they are all put into my email. That means I have to keep up with all the others. As it turns out, I have two in the morning - back to back and across town from each other. I'm supposed to fast after midnight and have my blood drawn around 8:15 in the morning. I doubt they will get to me before 8:30 though. I'm hoping to take my last pain medication with Ensure around 12:30am and then just hold on until after they draw my blood to eat and take the pain medication. If the pain gets too bad, I'll just take it with water. Then I have rush across town to get to my physical therapy session. On Monday, I have appointments with my Dermatologist at 8:40am and a Complete Physical with my Primary Physician at 10:00am. Yeah - the two days Page doesn't have to work and I'll be running around for appointments. That is not the way I thought we would spend our time together. I'm going to stop complaining - at least we live in an area that has phenomenal physicians and treatment centers. A lot of the people we see have to come from all over the country to get the same treatments. I am thankful for not only that but for the medical insurance I have that makes it all possible.

So now to the AND. I just heard from my dear friend something she has been keeping from me. That's right - she knows so many of my secrets and she was keeping one from me!! I know she was trying to protect me but don't. She is having surgery on Monday and hopefully they will be mistaken and it isn't Lymphoma. I guess I shouldn't be upset that so many people were aware of this and all of them were keeping it a secret from me until she knew she was definitely having surgery. I told another friend (in an email) that I'm sure already knew that UPSET doesn't even begin to come close..... One of the things we have in common is how we  feel about our children. I want to be there for her and her family as she always is for me and my family. She is one of the most pragmatic people I have ever known. One of her favorite things to say when things get tough is: "It is what it is". I have pretty much had to adopt that same attitude as we are entering the 8th month since my surgery. I have seen a ceramic plaque with those words written on them and I told her I was going to order two - one for me and one for her. She laughed. She told me her youngest daughter is coming to be with her and she told her she "didn't have to do that" and I said - Oh yes she does! She laughed and said - yeah, I guess. As a parent, I do understand. We both want to protect our children any way we can. So now we will try to stay positive while we pray for strength to cope with whatever we have to cope with and try not to panic until we absolutely know we have something to panic about. Right???? Right!!!!! Love you to the moon and back dear friend and no more secrets!!!

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  1. Love you too. and yes no panicing until we know there is something to panic about.
    IT IS WHAT IT IS!!!!!


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