Sunday, October 7, 2012

cold rain, flowers, family and motorcycles.....

Woke up to a cold, rainy and dreary day today. Alice called me and asked me to listen to her meeting over the phone because her dear hubby was doing the WT so I did. I let Debbie know that was what I was doing so she wouldn't worry. It is supposed to be pretty cool today and tomorrow but start warming up a little bit on Tuesday with the high being 66 degrees that day. I guess we can say Fall is "officially" here.
I snatched a few pictures from my nephew off FB and love this one of Sidney with Ryan Kelly at Duke. It is so funny because my nephew is a Tar Heels fan and his dad Sidney is a Duke fan. What was nice is my nephew took him to a game at Duke that day and took the picture. Look at his smile.
He also took these two pictures of my sister Alice on his motorcycle, Beauty. He and his sister call her Big Al - the funniest part of that being just how tiny she is. She has watched her weight her entire life and now can't gain a pound to save herself. Dwight went to Costco today to pick up some Ensure for next week. When he got ready to leave he said, "do you need anything?" and I said "No, but you can buy me some flowers if you want to" and he said, "Yeah - right".
He walked in the door about 20 minutes ago and said "you need to start checking the toilet seat". I'm like - "Why"? He said, "because I bought you flowers" and I'm like, "are you kidding, that is so sweet!" Then he said - "why? you told me to" and that folks is about as romantic as it gets around here. LOLOLOLOL I was still thrilled though because I do love fresh flowers - any kind. I used to order flowers and have them sent to my office just to brighten up my day. Of course everyone was asking who sent them and I always told them the truth...I did. The last time I had flowers delivered to someone locally, I was very disappointed in the flowers for the amount of money they charged. Anyway, I guess I had better start checking the toilet seat now. 

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  1. Love the flowers. Yao can teach an "old man" new tricks teehee


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