Friday, October 12, 2012

Hair "doos" and other stuff...

Kelly started getting her hair cut shorter and shorter until one day she got it this short.
It was funny because when She got to Brian's house after she got it cut, he looked at it and was WOW.  She laughed and said he kept trying to figure out why it was that he actually loved it so much. :) We all love it and evidently, so did my spiritual daughter, Linda who wanted to see a picture of it. So Kelly took these one day in her cubicle at work hoping no one would walk by and catch her. Linda had noticed how short she kept getting it in some pictures I had put up on my blog while we were on vacation. It was funny because when we first met Linda, we loved how short she wore her hair back then.  So Linda got her hair cut and then Kelly wanted to see how hers turned out so....
Ain't technology grand?  And YES - they are both absolutely beautiful inside and out. I'm beginning to think they could go bald and still be beautiful - NOT that I'm giving them any ideas! :) My Mom always said I was a good baby and I believe it since my head is flat in the back. I asked her one time if I laid in the bed on my back too much since I was so good and she would swear my head wasn't flat because of that. :)  I would definitely wear my hair this short if my head was shaped as pretty as theirs are.  Sweet Linda and her babies brought me home from the meeting last night.  She is such a smart, talented, wonderful young woman - "sister" - wife - and mother of three beautiful, smart and wonderful children.  I was able to stay for the entire meeting last night and could not believe how cold it got. I am definitely not ready for colder weather.  I was going to walk today but got side-tracked.  Vera came to pick me up earlier today because we were supposed to go see her daughter and her new house. We were just waiting for Dafina to call when she got home from the dentist whose office is very close to us.  She kept sending text messages saying she was still waiting to be seen - even after they took her in and put her in a chair.  After quite some time, Vera had to go or be late for work so we will try again next week.  I know Dafina must have been fit to be tied because she had planned on our coming.  She also had to get away from the dentist in time to pick her boys up from school.  I think I would change dentist.  I've got a busy Monday coming up - Dwight and I are getting flu shots and picking up a prescription for a shingle shot at Dr. Manning's office followed by me going to the dentist up the street from him for a checkup and cleaning followed by me getting my shingles shot at the pharmacy. No acupuncture next week - she will be out of town the entire week.  Dwight is going fishing Wednesday so I will be having sleep-overs with some girlfriends while he is gone.  Ate some potato soup today and did pretty good with it. Dwight is grilling hot dogs tonight and I'm going to see if I can tackle one. We'll see. Snatched some wonderful pictures from FB. Young friend is on a fishing trip with her Dad and Uncle at the coast this week.
I wish I could share all of the pictures she has put on FB of their trip so far.
We all love the wild horses across from Beaufort's waterfront area.
Check out this "bird in flight" picture she got! I think it is great!
I'll close with this wonderful picture of two sisters enjoying the State Fair. Going to go sit on the porch with Dwight while he cooks before it gets too cold. At least I will not have to worry about the mosquitoes!

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