Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pop, Simple, Coffee and Carpet

I forgot to mention that my father-in-law was born yesterday in 1909 which would have made him 103 years old.
I really like this picture of him.  Kelly has enjoyed seeing the older pictures of him and Malvine. Deb told me yesterday she has been cleaning stuff out of GG's house and found some more pictures she will bring over later. More scanning coming up. My mother-in-law called him by his second name, Lennox but I called him Pop from the first time I met him and he liked that. One day when we were dating, Dwight and I were in their backyard and Dwight was under his 1955 Chevrolet (with 3 in the floor) working on it so I scooted under the car with him to see what he was doing.  Pop came outside to see what we were doing and after that, he always called me "dusty-butt" because I had dirt all over my pants when we came out from under the car.  Both of Dwight's parents were very good to me - especially when Dwight was away in the Navy. I would live with my sister Faye during the week (or my Mom) and stay with them over the weekend. Dwight was close to both of his parents, even working with his Dad for several years before and after we married. Like his Dad, he loves fishing, can fix anything mechanical or electrical, enjoys a stiff drink of bourbon every so often and is a man's man. Miss you Pop....

I was also excited to receive a special edition of one of the only two magazines I subscribe to -
Real Simple. What isn't to love about this magazine? Articles are short and great information about anything you could ever be interested in. In other words - "simple". I told Dwight yesterday to make enough coffee for me to try this morning.
I was just going to take a few sips to see how it went. I waited until it cooled down a bit and guess what? I drank the entire cup of coffee. YUM. We decided to stick with one cup though but at least we will be able to share our coffee in the mornings again. Do I sense normal in the hopefully not to far future coming my way? Definitely will walk today once it warms up a little. Hope the yard is dry enough to walk through some - so boring just doing the driveway. Looks like a gorgeous autumn day outside so I hope you all have a good one. Dwight just reminded me the people are coming to clean the carpet in the one room we have that has carpet in it.  Better get up and get busy.


  1. Yay for the coffee. Good things are in the future.

  2. Yay for one more step towards normal!! Woo hoo! Love the picture of pop too. It's a really good picture. Love you!

  3. OK - this will be my third attempt to say thanks for the comments. If it doesn't work this time - I give up. Love you too SK - hope to see both of you sooner than later. Bisous


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