Monday, October 15, 2012

Flu shots, dentist and friends...

BigD and I got our flu shots this morning. Pam suggested I wait a day before getting the shingle shot she gave me a prescription for. Since we still had over thirty minutes before my dentist appointment, we dropped in to see how Judy is doing.
She is making some progress to the point they are taking the picc line out. Her knee still feels warm but doesn't seem too red now.  I was so glad we went because she got real excited when I told her I'm eating a little bit every day now.
Her dear hubby plans to make me some juices with his Vita-Mix. I promised I would try them if he makes them. The dentist and hygienist are concerned about my teeth. It was very hard to clean my teeth because my mouth is so dry. It was a little painful but she was very careful and did a good job. They put some fluoride around three of my teeth and the dentist gave me a prescription for a special toothpaste I am supposed to use at night without rinsing (just spit out as much as I can) and a mouth wash he hopes will help with the thrush that is still there. He wants me to come back every 4 months instead of every 6 months from now on. After we got home, Gail and Yonn came by to trim back Page's big plant that was growing crazy out of control and taking over the corner we had it in. Hopefully it will fill out now and look better. I showed Gail how to give Miya her medication and refill it for the next day.  She said she feels like she can do it so BigD and I are both very happy. Miya will be able to stay in her own home with a "friend" who will visit her every day to make sure she has food, water and her medication.

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