Friday, October 26, 2012

Nothing like a busy week......

This has been one busy week for me and Dwight but before I get started on that I have to mention a surprise we had on Saturday.  A large vehicle pulled into the driveway and I assumed they were turning around.  When it was obvious they were staying, I looked out and saw dear Roxsanna.   
As always, she came bearing gifts.  She brought us this gift basket stocked full of wonderful goodies and the plant above in honor of the colors of Autumn.  She also brought a nice gift, a homemade card and a school picture of her darling son for Kelly.  What a very special young woman she is.  It was so good being with her for a nice long visit.  She is a wonderful Mom and her son loves Kelly as if she were his real auntie.  Now back to the busy week - we had an appointment on Monday for acupuncture but when we got there, they said the appointment was for Thursday. Wow - how did that mix-up happen? I had to cancel the appointment they had for Thursday because I already have an appointment that day and I am NOT wasting a moment of the precious time we will have with Kelly for another appointment.
We arrived on time for my PET and CT Scans on Tuesday morning. It was a very long morning and for the most part - pretty uncomfortable. Between not being able to get warm and having to hold my arms above my head for so long (the left one still hurts pretty bad as a result of the surgery) it was a long day. The attendants and nurses are always helpful and kind. This one kept bringing more heated blankets because they were having a hard time getting me warmed up. It turns out, being cold affects the image they get.
I am convinced Miya knows when I need a little "extra loving" from her. She was all over me the rest of the day. On Wednesday, our wonderful bookkeeper came over to reconcile Dwight's checking account and to get his books all caught up. She is coming every three months now so it will be much easier to do our taxes at the end of the year. She will never know how much we appreciate her.
I had a surprise visitor Wednesday afternoon. Danny had come by Ruby's and when he found out she was coming over to clean with Debbie, he followed her over. It has been years since I've seen him and I wish we had more time to get caught up. He looks great! Of course Kelly came in Wednesday night. They went by her favorite Chinese place and picked up dinner on their way home from the airport. Everything they got was pretty spicy so I stuck with my good ole Ensure. I got a text message from Page telling me her Mom was late getting home and hadn't called. So I called Doug and he said she was running late. I told him Page was worried so he said he would call her. Not a minute or so later, I got another message from Page telling me her Mom was there and that her Dad had had a wreck but wasn't hurt. Long story short - a tractor trailer hit him on the highway. Yeah - he was a little shook up - but he is okay - sore and has to do the drug test, get a doctor's note to let him go back to work and all the stuff that goes with having an accident with the company vehicle. Kind of intense for awhile there. We had a pretty long wait Thursday to get the report from the scans.  It turns out the lymphoma hasn't stayed the same this time. All of this time they have remained the same and NOW they decide to change. They have grown in size and are "brighter". The being brighter bothers Kelly a little. She also wants to know they are definitely the lymphoma. I asked Jennifer to refer me to their Lymphoma Oncologist. If I really like him/her, I may consider changing to have both of my oncologists in the same location. I haven't decided that yet though. I plan to discuss it with my surgeon and radiation oncologist first. I have already discussed it with my Primary Care physician and he said he is all about second opinions. I'm sorry - I guess I am a little bummed with the report after all. I was really, really hoping it would not only be clear of the really bad boy (which it was), but that the other would have stayed the same. Oh well...On another note, Marlan came by Thursday afternoon. She had left her pillow and diamond ring here from her overnight stay with me earlier. Kelly was happy she got to see her and to see for herself that she is doing okay.
After writing this, I realized I need to "make time" to read this book Ruby gave me. She said she read it and it was very good. From the little bit I've read, it is a positive book written by four women who became friends as they were all fighting different kinds of cancers.
The moon was gorgeous last night. This picture doesn't do it justice but you should get a good idea of how bright it was since I took this from my chair across the room.
Even though it is a fuzzy picture, when you compare it to this one, you can see the difference in the plant Debbie and Yonn cut back for me. It looks like it is going to do well. It looks much better since the large bushy limbs are gone.
To close this post on a happy note, I love this picture Jessie shared with me. The note on it basically said - "Page rode in Papa's convertible and I'm not sure how to get all the knots out of her hair without cutting"........she really is a cutie.

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  1. Man what a week! I'm sorry to hear about Kurt getting into an accident and about your scan results :( Glad Page is there with you. Man that's a bright moon to be able to have a picture of it taken from inside and be noticeable! LOVE Page2's hair!!


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