Sunday, October 7, 2012

encouraging news and old friend

I know - two entries on the same day! Hard to fathom isn't it? I just wanted to share a picture I received from an old friend today so Kelly can see it too.
He sent an email to some of their friends asking us to get them caught up on what's been going on and sent the picture with the message. I told him I love the moustache and I do. It was so good hearing from him and his dear sweet wife. I also got some great news from my neighbor whose son is at Bethel and has been most of his adult life. I really appreciated him sharing the information with me and everyone else will be hearing it soon. Dwight turned the heat so that it will come on if it gets below 68 degrees which I'm sure it will. I'm so glad we have our new system. We have not be disappointed at all. Have saved tons of money. My neighbor mentioned they might turn their gas logs on and it hurt my heart. I know we had decided to not get them for all the right reasons but I've been wanting them so long. Now that GG doesn't live here any longer, we can't even go down and enjoy her huge wood burning fireplace like we used to. She would always call us for the first fire and we really loved it. I miss her and can't wait to see her next month.

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