Saturday, October 6, 2012

iPhones.....and stuff.

Okay, Kelly is going to die laughing when she reads this. My sister Faye text messaged me Thursday and told me she was picking me up and taking me to buy an iPhone yesterday. She said I deserved an iPhone more than anyone she knew. I called her and told her I loved my little phone and didn't really have the money to buy an iPhone. She went on to tell me she felt the same way but her son-in-law walked her through it and she LOVES it now. She told me how they had a special and with the charger, case and everything, it wasn't but a little bit over $200.00. She also wanted to take me to lunch for some soup.  Dwight encouraged me to go with her and look at them since one of his friends and his wife had just bought them and loved theirs.  Mind you - the reason there is a deal on them is they are the iPhone 4 and not the new iPhone 5. I guess they will be cheaper until they are gone.
Anyway, she and her daughter took me and convinced me to get one. Since the contract on our phones was up awhile back, guess what? I got my iPhone FREE! Yep - bought the expensive case, a charger for the car and a few other things and only spent $117.00. I started having second thoughts right away. Then I got home and realized they had not given me my old phone back. Evidently they recycle them now. Yikes - I've had that sweet little phone for years and my whole life was in it. I could text messages without even looking at it. So I guess I'm going to have to get used to it. Yeah - I decided to go with the white one. I am so hoping Matt will have time to help me next week so I can use it fully.   I was also very excited to have some visitors today!
My beautiful Katrina, her handsome hubby and two beautiful children came by after a funeral they attended. It was so nice to see all of them. She is 5 months now and looks radiant. She always does anyway. She and her hubby assure me I will eventually love my new phone. We'll see. We have had some really warm days this week but according to the forecast, that will end tomorrow. It is supposed to get only to 61 degrees tomorrow. I had already decided I need to take the small brown lap throw with me to the KH for the meetings. I get so cold in there it isn't funny. Thursday I ended up with my pashmina across my legs and feet, Linda's pashmina across my arms and chest and Abi's little denim jacket across my stomach and I was still cold. I started feeling quite sick so Debbie brought me home a little early.
A few last pictures before everything starts turning brown. We seem to have much more grass toward the back yard this year. There is still one bald place toward the back of the yard but the rest of it is really green.
This just might be the best picture I've captured of Rex next door. I've told Alton I would love to meet him up close one day. I wonder how Miya would react to me having the scent of a dog on me? Little KK fell totally in love with Miya today and for once, Miya seemed to be on her best behaviour.

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