Saturday, October 13, 2012


BigD has been quite industrious these past few days. He bought an extension to help him wash the outside of the house. After he blew the leaves off the roof the other day, he washed his truck. Today he moved all the chairs and other "stuff" out of the living room so the guy could clean the carpet this morning. 
After the guy who cleaned the carpet left, BigD washed the two big windows in the living room from the outside with his new extension and brush. You can see the water running down the windows if you look closely. Where was I sitting when I took these pictures? In my chair in the kitchen right in front of the refrigerator.  Where did we put all the "stuff" we took out of there?

I took these pictures with my iPhone - some of them I took beside me and over my head. Doesn't Miya look confused? The rest of the stuff including Page's big plant that has taken on a life of it's own are not only in the kitchen but are also in the hallway, my bedroom and the office. So much "stuff" in this tiny little "cottage".  BigD has gone to Costco to see if he can can a few smaller rugs to go over the high traffic areas that still look sad even after it has been cleaned. In front of my chair under the stool we had there are two very dark spots that also didn't come out completely. It turns out the spots are from the soles of my bedroom shoes that just sat under the stool - they are black on the bottom. He said the reason all the stains are so bad is this carpet is mostly polyester - not all nylon like the old one. I see a new carpet in my future over the the next few years (maybe not that long hopefully). We have the ceiling fan going but the carpet is still quite wet. 


  1. Way to go BigD! Did he eat his wheaties yesterday morning?? ;) Well good for him! From what I can tell, the carpet looks great! Also, love the sunflowers on your table.

  2. Those poor sunflowers are so old and dusty but I love how they brighten up the room. Love sunflowers!


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