Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sister and niece.....

My sister Faye and her lovely daughter came to visit with me today and I truly enjoyed them. They brought their lunch and I had a few bites of Faye's Taco Soup and a few bites of her BBQ pork. They also walked the driveway with me before heading back out.
I pulled this picture of Faye and her hubby from pictures on Facebook taken at the rehearsal dinner of her grandson a few weeks ago.
I pulled this older picture of her lovely youngest daughter from some old family pictures I had scanned. I showed them a lot of the pictures I've scanned so far. They both want to come over when Kelly is here a few days in several weeks. I did let them know she will be here only a short period of time though. The weather is a little yucky right now - hot and very humid. I got cool earlier and put my bathrobe on but now I'm sweating and getting ready to strip.
I also "snatched" this picture of Marlan from FB. I thought it was a really good picture of her with her friend/co-worker/boss Sherry.
And this is sweet Miya's back while she was sleeping on me. I love the colors of her hair which is a good thing since I wear it everywhere I go.  So today was an okay day all in all.  I also heard from my dear friend in Hawaii tonight.  She is going to have surgery on her hip because the pain has finally gotten so bad, she can't endure it any longer - even with drugs.  They had their house torn down and re-built and they are back in it now.  She lives downstairs and her daughter, son-in-law and grandson live upstairs so it works out well for her.  She hopes to be able to come see me next year.  We'll see.  I would like to see her.  She has been a loyal friend through the years.   

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