Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sisters, bright sun, cool air, mushrooms......

My sister Faye called to ask if I had received a "special" card she had sent to me. Normally the answer would be either yes or no - you know - a simple question and answer. Alas, things are not that simple for me any longer. Because of my memory "lapses", I have to think, re-think and then ask for help for so many things now that I have always taken for granted.
I "vaguely" remembered getting several special cards this week including one Marlan brought over Friday night when she came to stay with me.  I really enjoyed having her with me.  I appreciated her taking her personal time to "baby-sit" me.  I gave her a "gift" for their 37th wedding anniversary.  They got married a little over 10 years after we did.
I looked around the room and noticed I had put a card on the bookcase and realized it was the one Faye had sent to me. It is a unique card with a special note inside. Isn't the card AND the note beautiful? I have two other surprises but want to wait until Kelly gets here to mention them in my blog.
I went for a short walk this afternoon and took a few pictures with my new iPhone. There are tons of mushrooms in my yard this year - various sizes, colors and types.  The yard is also full of dead or dying leaves.
Leaves are really starting to change now including this relatively new tree growing in the new natural area in the back yard. Haven't been feeling well at all the past few days and sadly, I have to admit I'm not as OK about the palate being fused as I had told myself I was. Doesn't really matter since there is nothing we can do about it.
With all the dead leaves and various colors of mushrooms, I was still able to find the vibrant green of the various patches of moss.
I also loved this picture of an old root that belonged to a very old tree that used to be in the back yard. This is the only remnant of that lovely old tree.
I got pretty winded way too fast and decided to come back in as these two guys rode past on their motorcycles. It was a gorgeous day for riding.


  1. that would be 10 years after you not before. teehee

    1. I appreciate your pointing that out. Have now fixed it. :)


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