Sunday, October 28, 2012

Some memories are good and some are hard......

I am all about having good memories and can honestly say, my good ones far outweigh the bad ones for the most part.
This picture is one of those that bring up good feelings. Dwight loved my Mama and she definitely loved him. She also loved to make his face and ears turn red with her "salty" jokes from time to time.
This one also brings good memories because it was taken when I got married. She worked nights but went in late this particular Friday night so she could be at our little wedding. I think she was very happy when I married Dwight.  I remember this dress - it was brown wool and looked so good on her.
This one was taken around the same time as the one above but was taken on a Saturday - not a Friday. See the difference in her hair? Back then, women got their hair done on Saturdays and it had to last until the following Saturday. I enjoyed wearing this suit also - loved the color on her.
This one was taken with her youngest brother whom she loved dearly. He was ten years younger than she was but his health was never very good (he was born premature) so she was always protective of him. He called her his Doodley. The nickname stuck between them until she died. I have the cigarette lighter he gave her one Christmas with her name "Doodley" engraved on it. She loved it.  She also let him name me Patricia - he always called me his "Patericka".  I remember not liking my name and asking Daddy why in the world he let him name me that. Daddy said, "I know - I never really liked that name very much either so that is why I gave you the middle name of Jane."  I remember thinking to myself - "yeah - great - I'm Patericka plain Jane". I actually don't mind my name anymore. It must have been a popular name during those years because I know quite a few people who are around my age with the name Patricia but haven't really heard it in the many years since then. Mama always called me Tricia or Triciajane unless she had called me to come several times and then it would be Patricia Jane which meant don't make me call you again. :)  Today brings our one sad memory regarding her because she died 18 years ago today.  It had been a gorgeous Autumn and her view outside her bedroom window was of a big tree full of bright yellow leaves. Most of us were with her when she died in her and Daddy's bed with us all telling her how much we loved her.  Even with the hope of the resurrection, the death of a dearly loved one is still very hard because we miss them so much.  Jessie has always been sad that she never got to meet  her because Douglas has always talked about her a lot.  I guess that tells you a little bit about her - we still talk about her and miss her.  Miss you Mama.......

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  1. Miss you GrandMa~!


    Love you Auntie Tricia~!!


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