Saturday, November 14, 2009

Another wedding and a few more pictures....

I think this was the last of the weddings. My goodness - I think Keith said he was invited to over 6 or more wedding within a 3-4 month period. What in the world? I have pulled some pictures that were posted on FB I wanted to keep for myself. This particular wedding took place only 2 months after the groom's brother's wedding. That would seem extraordinary if I had not helped with the receptions of two sisters in the same family who got married on the same day! One got married at Duke Gardens in the morning and we had a brunch reception - then all the decorations were changed in the same reception hall with a different menu for the second wedding that evening. They were both beautiful! I had to post a picture of Roseanne's Lauren and her new hubby of about 2 months! I know everyone was happy to see the happy couple. Now they are settling into being the old married couple with all the weddings that have followed theirs. Aren't they a handsome couple? The colors for the wedding they attended were a chocolate brown and vibrant pink - the pictures are all so pretty. The bride and groom were both so handsome too. Of course it is hard to outshine the two KTs. I love that dress Lauren is wearing - it is such a pretty style on her. Her bridesmaids wore similar dresses in her wedding so she must like it too. They may be related by marriage but have been sisters for so much longer. The bride was Katarina's step sister and she said the music was great for dancing. She was happy her Dad even got up and danced! I was looking at some pictures Katarina posted on FB and had to pull this one of her beautiful little Kenna, Look at that face! She is going to be a real heartbreaker. I told Katarina to go ahead and lock her up now. Look at her in those jeans - I can see her strolling around Woodstock can't you? Oh - I'm sorry - that would have probably been her grandmother Roseanne we saw if she had been there. I think we all feel like we were there when we watch the pictures though - I was just looking at a video of Jimi Hendrix playing and singing Purple Rain at Woodstock. They had a really good documentary on about Woodstock not too long ago - I'll have to say that listening to the old music, seeing the singers and muscians (some who were just starting out) and looking at the clothes and hair brought back so many memories of that time. This picture of little Kenna definitely brought back memories of that time - what a free spirit she is here. Oh yeah - they definitely need to lock her up.

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  1. Hey Tricia! I'm just getting around to reading your blogs for the past month...I know you've missed my comments ;) But this is the latest of the ones I haven't read, and will work my way up to December. Thinking of, I would have loved to have been there...would have loved to have been a hippie :) I love that picture of Katie and Matt -they are such a cute couple :D


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