Monday, November 2, 2009


I love this picture of me and my cousins from around 1950-51 I think. I called one of my cousins and we think it must have been 1951 since they are older than my baby sister.You can see my Daddy's pant's leg to the side and that's me peeping around my sister Rose who is seated in the middle with my other sister Ruth standing behind me under the lamp with that shy look on her face. The others are all cousins. This was at my Aunt Margie's house that was near where the Fair Grounds are in Raleigh. It was made of stone and had a cool tree outside that window. We had lots of good times at that house playing with each other whenever we could get together. Back then people got together as often as they could - family was so important and still is. Life is just too busy these days and when I look at this picture it makes me realize there are no TV's on, no cell phones, computers, video games - kids went outside and played - good memories. I loved my cousins and still do. I tried to upload another picture taken about a year or so later in the same house but it wouldn't let me for some reason.

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