Friday, November 6, 2009

Random pictures......

It is such a beautiful (if chilly) day today and I have so much to do but thought I would post a few random pictures that popped out at me recently. For some reason I have put these on my desktop so I'm going to put them here and save them in that huge file I call "pictures"! The one on the right is of a wonderful sister in my congregation who loves the ministry.
Of course the other one is of Roseanne and dear Sher whose daughter is in the Dominican Republic right now serving as a "great needer". The next one (on the right) is of me about five years ago and then
the other one is of me, Leah and Big D attending the play Little D was in. Little D is too talented in too many areas. He decided to audition for a small part with the summer theater in their area figuring he might get a walk-on part. It turned out he got the lead roll of Linus (played by Humphrey Bogart and Harrison Ford) in the play Sabrina. We went to the final performance and he was excellent but he realized it took way too much time and energy away from the "more important things". The next two are of my beautiful niece, Dee that was taken when she was at work (nurse at Duke)and it shows how much more she looks like her Mama (my sister Rose) every day.
The one on the left of course is my gorgeous granddaughter - Page2. I just loved this picture and cut it from the others and saved it to my desktop. In some of her pictures she looks like she is glowing I think - of course, I'm prejudiced. The next one is of a favorite couple of mine - Roseanne's son and his lovely bride whom I call Katarina. Doesn't she look like a Russian beauty?
The one on the left is Little D and Leah - I just loved this picture but never showed it until I realized I could cut part of it off! This was taken at Leah's high school reunion a few years ago - aren't they a handsome couple? I know - I'm prejudiced - but HEY - I'm a Mom - I get to be. The last two are of Ann's little Ann2 whom she call Biscuit. Look at that happy face! Don't you just want to squeeze her!
And the one on the left is a group shot of Little D with Roseanne, Lauren and Jess at one of Lauren's many bridal showers. I liked this picture of Little D and Roseanne - they have always had a special connection - hmmm - maybe because they are both super intelligent, talented and maybe a tiny bit twisted? :-) Oh yeah!

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