Friday, November 20, 2009

Yellowstone Park.......

Yep - just call me Old Faithful. I tried to go out in service today - felt better, sun was bright, sky was blue, sun was warm, blah, blah, blah. The antibiotics have me going off every 15 minutes just like Old Faithful.I'm not kidding here guys - it is getting ridiculous!What doesn't kills you, cures you. Big D has gone with a friend to "look at a boat". Yep he has gone to see a man about a boat! I think he might just buy a new boat soon. Someone sent me the cutest "kitten" picture titled - Waking Up. I'm was going to upload it but it wouldn't work. I don't understand because the site says it accepts .gif. It is a picture of a little kitten sleeping, tucked into a bed with it from paws outside the cover. When you click on the picture, it shows a hand gently waking the kitten who proceeds to stretch it little paws out, then wipes the sleep out of it's eye. Yep - I am definitely a CAT WOMAN. Oh well - you would have liked it.

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