Monday, November 16, 2009

There'll be days like this my Mama said....

Okay - I am NOT going to whine. So I'm still not feeling up to par - so what? It could be worse.I fell in love with this cartoon someone sent - it just says it all doesn't it? It doesn't help that this is probably going to be the prettiest day we have this week and I'm inside feeling lousy. Maybe I can get some things done here? Nah - if I felt like that, I would be out in service. My beautiful Lin shared some pictures from a recent adventure to the Zoo. I have never been to the North Carolina Zoo - what is wrong with that picture? By the time the kids all travel here, who wants to get in the car and travel further unless it is to our favorite place - the beach!! She and my other spiritual daughter Ann went with another sister from their congregation and all their kids.I am so happy they love each other so much and are sharing the joys of their young families together but you would think they lived in VA and/or GA too as much as I see them! It doesn't help that their congregation is the only one in this area that is still in another Circuit/District so we seldom see each other at conventions either. (Does this count as whining?) I really appreciate her sharing the pictures and adventures when she finds time in her very busy schedule. Ann keeps a Blog which allows me to keep up with her babies that way so I really appreciate the updates from Lin. I love this picture.All the girls together! Abs is holding Biscuit - it is so hard when I look at Abs to realize she is only 3 months older than my little Page. She is one grade ahead of her in school due to when their birthdates fell. They are going to love looking back at these pictures when they get older. The friendships they are enjoying now will always be so special to them. Thank you sweet Lin!

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  1. beautiful girls, beautiful kids!
    Tricia...the next time we visit the zoo, we are dragging you with us! It's a place everyone needs to go to at least once!


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