Sunday, November 8, 2009

Strong women, old friends, good food......

Well it finally happened. I have been thinking about the women in my life, the ones who have made a difference, then I got to thinking about some older women I met way back around 1967 (most of them) and came up with 11 names from when I started attending the KH in 1967. I spoke to some of my girl friends and told them I was going to have a luncheon for these woman if I could find a way to pull them together and they all said they would help. When my dear spiritual Mom told me she wanted to come I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. So long story short, out of the 11, 10 came! They were so surprised to see my spiritual Mom and she was so happy to all of them plus Eileen. One came from Burlington, one came from Hookerton (close to Snow Hill), two came from Bahama, one came from Eden, one came from Hillsborough and the rest came from Durham. Gail made a beautiful salad, Lynn made our favorite chicken salad and rolls, I made a nice big fresh fruit salad w/vanilla yogurt on the side and roasted some autumn veggies, Gerl bought the tea, cups, frames, chairs and Eileen paid for the flowers. I also had chocolate chip cookies and dipped some Madelines in chocolate. After we got all the "old friends" who were so excited to see other settled and eating, the five of us had our lunch on the porch to cool off. We took their pictures and I printed off a picture of everyone and put them in the frames for everyone to have a memory of this very special day. The weather was gorgeous and we kept taking pictures outside when everyone was leaving. Cat is so tired and I know she over-did it but she said it was worth it. I'm taking her home tomorrow and will miss her very much....again. Of course we can't have a party without Keith! He saw all the cars and had to come by to say hey! We all agreed he is the best dressed brother in Durham - and a handsome young man to boot! I just realized how fortunate I have been to have so many strong women in my life - some as role models and others as warnings!! No kidding - some of the really strong women in my life have been downright scary. I have been told I can be scary - I wonder how I should take that and could that be true? One of the strong women from my childhood was my Dad's mom who lived with us off and on. I wish I could say all those times were good times but sadly they weren't. I just remembered - my Dad's Mom was born today in 1882 - love you Grandma Amy. Mama always used to say she wished Grandma's family had not made her give up her own little place after Granddaddy died (I was a few weeks old when he died). Sure enough, before she died she had her own little apartment in an older house across from where her daughter lived in Hillsborough. The last time I visited her there with Mama, she was so content. I can still see her rocking in her rocking chair. She was always pretty nice to me but she could have her moments and caused some real problems with my parents from time to time. We won't go there.

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