Saturday, November 21, 2009

Come grow old with me the best is yet to be...

On many levels - the quote above can be true. I honestly feel Big D and I are definitely in a better place on many levels. This is one of those posts I put in for my daughter. She likes to follow her Mom and Dad's comings and goings. The lady from the Life and Health Specialists came by today to show us options and sign Big D up for his supplemental coverage. It is still hard for me to wrap my mind around him being 65 next month.I actually remember when Medicare was first introduced through BC/BS. I worked with Hospital Care (first job) when we rolled the program out in 1965 - the year we got married. Hospital Care eventually became BC/BS. I am only two years behind him so I know I will be thinking about these issues soon enough. Even though we would all like to "think" we could be the couple on the bike (I did so love riding in my younger days)I would be happy to be this couple - able to walk and both still here and together. We both should really start walking together right now but Big D just does not want to and I have not gotten to that place of making it a priority yet - I really NEED to. Wish I had someone nearby to walk with me. SO - I have tons of phone calls to make Monday morning to cancel Big D out of our Blue Advantage Plan hopefully "before" they deduct the premium for December PLUS I have to get the car serviced and drop by the doctor's office to get my BP checked. I sure hope I can get out of town and down to the coast before too late as I really don't like to drive at night on major highways or in strange places.I was hoping to have Fina's study today but her phone is messing up and her house is full of family so I think we are going to have to postpone. I was hoping she would be able to come here for the study but hopefully we can have it tomorrow afternoon after the meeting. I am planning to have Eileen's right after the meeting and would be able to go over to Fina's after that. We really NEED to have it before I leave and over the phone while I'm gone. Between her new job and hectic schedule, we only had one study last month - not good. Yep - you guessed it - she has my Blog address so I'm hoping she will read this. :-) Isn't she beautiful? Very smart and hardworking young woman. I am still enjoying getting to know her better.

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