Saturday, November 14, 2009

You are my sunshine.......

Finally - after a week or more of dark skies and much rain - the sun finally peeked out today and now the skies are blue again and life is good. I just realized there are so many songs about sunshine - one of my favorites is - "Ain't no sunshine when she's gone...." Sometimes I feel that way because all my babies are gone - from here anyway. Okay - that was my little pity-party for today. Back to sunshine. Since I didn't get out much this past week, I went in service this morning. I stopped and picked up lunch and came home to a napping hubby in front of the TV "watching" NASCAR. It has been so raw this week I have found myself having a cup of hot cocoa (yes - with marshmallows) but with the sun out today, I just fixed myself a nice cuppa Earl Grey Tea with a little dab of honey. Yum. I'm also talking on the phone to my beautiful Page so I'm feeling a little happy right now.I told her I was uploading a few pictures of some people she would love seeing. The first one is of the grandchildren of a couple we always spent time with when she was growing up. She will also like the one of Jack and his daddy looking out the window at the rain. Jack's Mommy was his size when we all used to go as five families to the beach three times a year. I remember we always found great places that were big and comfortable. At first we stayed in condos with access to a pool (and a lot of the other friends would come at the same time so we would really hog the pool area) but as the kids got older, we got big houses on the beach. Long weekends over Memorial Day and Labor Day and then a whole week in the middle of the summer.We would have kids sleeping everywhere. When the girls got bigger and would bring friends, we would line them up in their sleeping bags under the dining room table. Wonderful memories of our children growing up. Eventually people moved, children grew up and had children and life moved on as it always does but we never forget those times that were so special or the people who made them so.

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  1. I look forward to having special families that we have vacation traditions with! Such great memories I'm sure you have :)


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