Monday, November 16, 2009

Where does the time go --- does anyone know????

Do you know how many songs have that title? Funny - guess everyone who has ever lived has thought about that. Personally I like the lyrics to Kathy Mattea's song - Time Passes By. When I look at this picture - it makes me realize just how fast time passes by.This picture was sent to me by my niece - the second to the oldest grandchild in our family. I can still remember how she felt as a sweet little girl snuggled under my chin while I rocked and rocked her in Daddy's platform rocker. Such a cute little girl she was. Now SHE is a grandmother and THAT is hard to believe. The boys are twins and the girl with long darker hair is married to one of them. Aren't they beautiful? One of the reasons it is hard to believe is because my niece is still a Rock N Roll singer in a local Band. Oh Yeah.....Here is a picture of all of Ruth's grand and great-grandchildren.Who would have thought that out of all of Belma's Pearls, Ruth would have ended up with the biggest family? And what a beautiful family it is. I've spent enough time on the computer and wish I could say I feel better but I don't. I just chatted with the other Ann about our upcoming trip to the beach next week. I'm really looking forward to being with my kids and some old friends in one of my favorite places. Hope I'll still be able to go down early - we'll see.

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