Monday, November 9, 2009

Beautiful day with beautiful people...

What a nice weekend! It was so nice to have Cat stay over again last night. I heated up some of Big D's homemade vegetable beef soup and made us some yummy grilled cheese sandwiches with some nice sharp cheddar cheese Big D brought home. Yum. After we had breakfast this morning, I called Mae to see if she wanted to ride with me to take Cat back home to Eden and she said YES! So I had the company of these two beautiful women who mean so much to me. I enjoyed listening to their conversations and we all enjoyed the gorgeous colors as I took the back roads. Cat treated us to a nice lunch and then Mae got to see where she lives. After they visited a little bit, we headed home while enjoying getting caught up all the way.I love this picture I got yesterday of Mae and her oldest daughter who has been one of my closet friends since I was baptized. As a matter of fact, we pioneered together before I had Page. After she got married, our sons were born within 2 days of each other. I also got a few pictures yesterday of Cat with me and Eileen. We went to another congregation's meeting yesterday morning and Eileen kept getting so emotional about being with Cat after all these years. .I tried to reach another brother and sister yesterday that Cat aided into the truth but they were at the convention in Winston Salem watching their daughter's part on the convention. I have received several thank you notes and emails from the sister and daughter of two of the older friends who came to the luncheon telling me how much the keep talking about it. Evidently they were still excited long after they got back home. It made me feel good. My sister Rose sent me a nice thank you email also. You would think Rose and I would see each other more often than we do since we live in the same town but that isn't the case. Between my pioneering and her still working full time and living across town from each other, we very rarely see each other. Her work environment is also strict about use of the emails so we barely do that either. After I dropped Mae off in Bahama,I treated myself to a pedicure and manicure at Nail Time, picked up some Chinese,worked the crossword puzzle and talked to my beautiful Page who had just gotten home from her annual getaway with her friends from work. She was on her way to meet Bentley for dinner and to get caught up. We got to talking about our upcoming family time at the end of this month and both started laughing because we are both getting so excited. The times we spend as a family at the beach with our dear friends is always special to us. All in all - a very nice day!

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