Friday, November 20, 2009

Good food, good friends, good times....

Had a busy day after all - had to stay in most of the afternoon but finally got up the nerve to run some errands. If you ever need it, the bathroom at Home Depot on North Pointe Drive is pretty clean. Came home long enough to bring some stuff in, run my fingers through my hair and put a little gloss and before running back out the door to my friend Roseanne's for dinner. Katarina developed a severe rash last night and dinner was moved to Roseanne's house. It was nice being together - I wish I had taken my camera! Baby Rose is growing and so sweet. Of course the twins are so sweet and SMART!I love this picture of this beautiful family. Wish I could see them more often but hey - we take what we can get! Beautiful little girls - twins but different in many ways. Both smart as they can be though and will be glad to watch them grow and give their Daddy a fit! Just kidding. I can tell he likes his little girls a while lote and that makes me smile.I got to snuggle Rose!She is getting so big and is such a pretty little dumpling. Of course Bran came with the kids which allowed Katarina to sleep in peace for awhile. Such beautiful grandchildren Roseanne has. It was a nice evening and I really enjoyed being with everyone. I pulled the following picture from FaceBook. Isn't it adorable - Clara, Delani and Cassie.Three beautiful young ladies. Yep - I anticipate the parents of these three are gonna definitely have their hands full when they get older and bigger. Just look at how pretty they already are - oh yeah - boys will be knocking down the door. Well - I'm sleepy so I'm going to get off this computer and hit the hay. Didn't feel like washing dishes tonight and the insurance lady is coming in the morning - fun, fun!


  1. Thanks for the sweet words! I look forward to reading more about your adventures.

  2. I'm still sad I missed that evening! :( But I am glad that everyone was still able to get together. We will have to have a round 2 at our place in the next month or two. Looking forward to our family weekend coming up and "game night!"


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