Sunday, October 31, 2010

Growing up.....

Page wanted me to get a picture of her with her glow-in-the-dark wand last night. The flash on my camera made it look like the lights were on. I turned the flash on my camera off and all you could see was the wand. I can definitely see some changes in Page since school has started. She is obviously getting taller but she is also growing up in other ways. She has her own interests now and isn't shy about pursuing them. BigD commented on not seeing much of her but we let her do her own thing. She has her own favorite shows and games and thankfully likes to read. She is also still very loving. Kurt and Leah said they had a real good time at the "beer"/taco party and bonfire. They met some new people and enjoyed the gathering very much. I snatched this picture from the hostess pictures on FB. Page ended up sleeping with me last night. I guess my snoring wasn't too bad last night. :)I uploaded some pictures from their camera and love these pictures from the Cinderella on Ice evening they enjoyed.I LOVE her EXUBERANCE!!!! You might think - what? But you haven't seen her with the other girls. They were all excited but when you look at the next picture you will see what I mean.Isn't the little girl on the end in blue the cutest little thing you have every seen? You should see all the pictures and you will agree. Leah says she is a darling little girl.I also love this picture of her at the District Convention this summer meeting a member of the Governing Body - Brother Jackson. She was with her Gma and PaPa. I love the look on her face.This is her with a distant cousin in some caverns near where they live. I definitely want to go there the next time we are up for a visit. Tre'cool. I am still so excited about her learning how to play the guitar. I didn't get to hear her this short weekend but maybe at the beach next month she will play for us.Poor Hiro - Miya has it made when it comes to being picked on I guess. I love how Hiro loves Page - she has definitely made him hers from the time he was little. Leah said Page pretty much laid claim to him and he tolerates about everything she wants to do with him. Thank goodness Kurt and Leah got to cut Miya's nails and put her flea meds on while they were here. Saves us a little bit of money. So as you can see, Page is growing up. Still tiny but very busy making memories - wonderful memories. I love how Leah keeps her involved in so many activities. I tried to hook my new scanner up but my new computer doesn't like it at all so I'm going to have to wait until my computer guru gets home from a camping trip and try to get it working. Hopefully I'll be able to purchase an attachment to scan slides so I can do the ones I want for my friend's family. An so ends the 44th weekend of the year 2010 - going by so fast.

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