Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lady Redundant Woman - not..

Dear Katarina has assured me that I am not Lady Redundant Woman so maybe I will continue to blog my meandering thoughts from time to time. It has been a very busy but fun week. I worked hard to get most of my time in before my children came in Friday night so I would be free to be with them. I will post some pictures of various activities that went on throughout the week and a few my niece took while they were in NO for her stepdaughter's wedding. It was nice having her and her Mom and Dad come over to see the kids before all but Page2 went home. We enjoyed visiting the Farmer's Market Saturday morning and running into some friends who were "dropping in" while in service. Page bought some yummy fresh strawberries and fresh lettuce which we all enjoyed. BigD and Kurt went fishing early Saturday morning and after we got home from the Market, we took Page2 out to visit with Boy, Ann and Biscuit. It was a shame Kurt couldn't be in two places at the same time. Lee and Keith went to a live Blue Grass show. Kurt would have loved it but he and BigD had really been looking forward to fishing together when he came.
Keith had to share his new "do" with us. By then Page and Boy were already in the creek
doing what they love to do. They still get along so well it makes us all smile.
We were all having fun on Ann and Lee's adorable porch drinking Margaritas and eating delicious treats Ann put out for us. I think this picture of Biscuit tells the story of how relaxed we all got - even Dixie girl.
Dee came over Sunday and brought Dorothy Dog with her. She also brought some nice strawberries and fresh corn on the cob she cooked in the husk in the microwave. These are some of the pictures from that day....
The next few are some Dee took while they were in NO for the wedding....
Leah and Kurt went home Sunday night and Page, Page2 and I hung out Monday. Lunch at the Mellow Mushroom in Raleigh was nice.
Then we went over to Duke Park for some fun.
She loved the slides and Page1 enjoyed the swings a lot. We were both sad to see Page leave for home Tuesday. Page2 told me several times she really, really missed her and I told her I did too. Such a sweet little girl.
Chele and I took Vi and Page to Monkey Joe's which was a hoot. Those two little girls were worn slap dab out by the time we got them home, fed and in the bath. I got tired just watching all the children running, climbing, sliding, running, climbing, sliding - you get the picture. This was the only picture I got that turned out.
Cupcakes, meetings, service with friends........
Running off pent up energy and visiting GG with friends....
Whew - finally - sleep.  So it was with sad feelings today that BigD and I drove Page to Virginia to meet her Mom and Grandma. They were going to an outdoor concert with the Chocolate Drops performing. The week flew by and now we will have to wait until
the next time.  Tomorrow we have the special talk and a congregation gathering at the Lake. Page will be going on vacation tomorrow with Sher and JB.  I so hope they have wonderful weather for their annual beach get-away. My Poppies are almost gone now but I enjoyed them so much while I had them.


  1. sounds like a wonderful week

  2. YAY! You're back! I MISSED YOU!!! Love the poppies, and the good times you had with your kids and friends :)


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