Saturday, June 11, 2011

24th Saturday of 2011 ---what?

How can that be? We are almost halfway through the year and I feel like it just began!  Yikes! So - how could this Saturday get any better? BigD decided to go to Bone Fish Grill and pick up dinner. I had the Atlantic Wood Grilled Salmon with two
vegetable sides that was over the top delicious!  I had a big glass of KJ left in a bottle from last night that "complemented" the salmon perfectly.  Oh - and it is raining again. BigD said the temperature dropped 10 degrees from the time he left and got back with dinner.  How can that be a bad thing when we are already having 100 plus degree weather in the first two weeks of June? BigD got the fish and chips so I'm hoping he will like it because I wouldn't mind having the salmon again. I forgot to mention that I told the doctor yesterday that a friend of mine takes a medication with quinine in it to help her sleep and a side effect is fleas and mosquitoes do not bite her. She suggested I either talk to my doctor about it or have a gin and tonic every night. Wow - the second suggestion sounds pretty good and came straight from a doctor! :) I've been meaning to put Page2's poem on here but kept forgetting it. I think it is wonderful but then again - I'm a teeny weeny bit prejudiced.
Pages’ Poem 2011
The horse is remembering when she was a little horse
Running in the sun light, the wind was smoothly blowing
In every step like a dream come true, in the beautiful sunset
It’s like it would never end - until night
With the glimmering stars all around her
It was another dream come true that would never end
Until morning, once again another dream comes true
The sun shined upon her, the sky sparkled everywhere
Dreams never end or start unless you believe it can…

Yeah - I love it to the moon and back..I can see her creative genes working and I love them. It has been a busy few days. Page2 and her other grandparent left on their grand adventure yesterday afternoon. They were in DC all day today. Hopefully we will see lots of pictures of their trip. My cousins in WF and I are working behind the scenes to make a few changes in our family reunion.  We aren't going to talk to anyone until we gather some needed information.  Hopefully we will be able to send out announcements Monday afternoon to let everyone know what is going on.  I got some really bad news about one of my favorite cousins who discovered he has Stage 4 Lung Cancer (two places in bones). He had his first chemo yesterday, is healthy and positive so hoping things will go well.
I "snatched" this picture of Lin and Ran from a friend's blog. Aren't they both beautiful? I love this young family so much and am so proud of them. I hope they know that.
I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture of Dee and Dorothy Marie. You can see the love in Dee's eyes for her best friend of so many years. I can't write too much about it or I will be bawling but this friendship will be coming to an end in the very near future and we are all too sad for words. Some animals come to mean so much to us that it hurts more than words can express when they leave us. Dorothy Marie has been blessed with the best friend she could have ever hoped for and I think on many levels she knows and appreciates it. How do we reconcile the facts of life with the emotions of such a deep relationship? We don't - we just go with the flow and grieve as we would for any living thing we have loved as deeply as we have. It doesn't matter if that friend is human or an animal - the love and grief are the same. Pretty soon, Bentley will be facing a similar situation and I hope he knows that it will be healthy for him to grieve for his dear CoCo who took such good care of his dear Mom while she was so sick and has been a faithful and loyal friend to him who appreciates being rescued.
On that note, I'll end today's message with one of my favorite of these creatures - a cat. I'm going to study for tomorrow and hopefully get a good night's rest. I didn't sleep well last night - had turned the air down a little too low and felt chilled several times. Have a wonderful Saturday night dear friends.......


  1. What a precious poem, I LOVE it! It is her personality entirely. Positive, hopeful, full of life, beautiful.
    Since the dr told you to, do you think you could claim the gen and tonic as medical expenses?

  2. Sorry about your cousin, I hope everything goes well for him.

  3. love the poem. Gin and Tonic works for me!!! Yes pets pull our heart strings but what would we be without them.


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